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Subcommittees on Bills
Council, Interim and Public Hearings
Standing Committees (2)
Date Committee Location Agenda Show/Hide
05/18/2022 10:00 AM Appropriations RM 116 Agenda
05/18/2022 2:30 PM Appropriations RM 116 Agenda
Appropriation Subcommittees
No Meetings Scheduled
House Appropriation Ad Hoc Subcommittee
No Meetings Scheduled
Subcommittees on Bills - Attendance at subcommittee meetings by lobbyists and the public is via zoom or in-person. See agenda for zoom details. Only authenticated users are permitted access.
No Meetings Scheduled
Council and Interim Commmittees (1)
Date Committee Location
06/14/2022 9:00 AM Administrative Rules Review Committee Room 116