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A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa by requiring a single rate for individual income taxes.(See SJR 2004.)
Subcommittee members: Schultz-CH, Koelker, Winckler
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2024
Time: 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Location: Senate Lounge
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Jordan True []
Flat tax rates of any kind are regressive, meaning that the poor and middle class will contribute a higher proportion of their income to taxes than the wealthy. Cutting these tax rates on higher incomes will either require reduced services for the most needy Iowans, and lower income people will end up contributing a higher percentage of their income to services that were previously covered or subsidized through tax dollars. Our public schools have already been underfunded for decades, but there is no urgency to fully fund public education. People with disabilities are already facing obstacles to ascend to the middle class with a stable financial and healthcare future. Our water, the most basic of necessities, is tainted with toxic chemicals from farms and manufacturers without dedicating anywhere near enough funding to keeping our water clean. Our state legislature is only in session for 4 months and has no staff for deeper policy research or constituent services. Even with our last round of tax cuts, Iowa is losing thousands of jobs because we are not investing in a public infrastructure, like schools, transportation, mental health, rural healthcare, etc that will enhance work productivity.Iowa needs progressive taxes, just like all other state governments. If anything, reducing Sales tax would be a much better tax cut than further reductions in income taxes because it would provide more support for the people with the highest need instead of your largest donors.
William Brown []
I am opposed to this legislation. Flat taxes are regressive and shift the tax burden to lower income families. Graduated tax ensures equity.
Marla Sheffler []
I oppose this joint resolution that will add this regressive taxation to our constitution.
Karen Manning []
I urge you to vote NO on this proposal to amend the Iowa Constitution to ensure a single income tax rate for all Iowans.This would tie the hands of future legislators who may need to change Iowa's income tax structure, for reasons we cannot foresee.
Brandie Stifel [Brandie Stifel]
I stand firmly opposed to this amendment. The would hurt the people of Iowa and allow corporations more and more Favoritism and tax breaks in our state. To present this tax reform to taxpayers as something that is good is an absolutely horrendous way to showcase this plan, as well. We need progressive taxes in out state. Corporations need pay their fair share.
I am opposed to this legislation. Flat taxes are regressive and shift the tax burden to lower income families. Instead of amending the Iowa Constitution to create more inequality in Iowa why not work on raising the minimum wage to a livable wage. It would help the citizens of Iowa who pay the majority of taxes.
Sally Olsen []
A single tax rate for individual income taxes is regressive. Low income people are the least able to afford taxes of any kind. I definitely do not want to amend the constitution of the State of Iowa to require a single rate for individual income taxes. I have a higher income and pay a higher income tax rate. I believe that since I have a higher income I should contribute more generously to maintaining infrastructure, supporting education, and all of the other things that improve life in the state. As it is, the Governor is choosing not to fund the services needed by many Iowans. For example, Iowans must often go out of state for mental health services. The Governor and legislators do not appear to have the best interest of their citizens as their priority.If income taxes are capped, then other taxes will have to be raised to meet needs or else the needs will not be met. Low income tax payers will have to pay more for property taxes, directly or indirectly. Fewer people will want to stay in Iowa. Businesses will not be able to hire employees or will not choose to locate in Iowa.I ask all legislators to think of those who are least able to pay taxes as they consider changes to tax policies. Please be kind and considerate to those least able to pay taxes.
Diane Brommel []
I am opposed to this legislation.Flat taxes are regressive and hurt working families.John F. Kennedy said, "For of those to whom much is given much is required." And the Bible Luke 12:48 says, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."How does this important concept apply to taxation?Think about it.Pray about it.Ask yourself, WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?Shouldnt the Iowa Legislature be working on passing a budget???Shouldnt that be your FIRST PRIORITY?Say NO to divisive issues.Work together AND compromise for the good of ALL Iowans.
Donna Duvall []
A flat tax, such ha the one proposed, is regressive and shifts the tax burden to the middle and lower classes. A flat tax requires the lower and middle class to spend a higher percentage of their income in taxes and lowers their purchasing power. A flat tax gives the rich yet another tax break that they do not need. A flat tax is not good for Iowa and will harm the states economy and drive even more people from the state.
Sharon Dendurent []
I oppose this legislation. We should not be taxing everyone at the same rate because it is not fair, and we should not be adding this to our constitution when we do not know how a flat tax will work and if we will be able to run our state government with the significantly reduced revenue which will result.
Steve Gude []
We already have a flat tax in the state sales tax. To me, fairness means that taxing income should be based on the ability to pay. A progressive income tax is the right way to go. Please oppose this amendment.
Tom Chapman [Iowa Catholic Conference]
The Iowa Catholic Conference, representing the Catholic bishops of Iowa, opposes the bill. We look at taxation bills through the lens of Catholic social teaching. These are our principles in the Catholic Church that address issues of human life and dignity, and care for the poor and vulnerable. The principle of contributive justice says that all members of a society have a responsibility to contribute to the common good. From those to whom much has been given, much should be expected. Paying taxes is one way that people give something back to society. The principle of distributive justice suggests that we should have a special concern for the poor and vulnerable. We have many programs in the state that assist those in need.Taxation should be based on ones ability to pay. We dont support lowincome people paying a much greater percentage of their income for necessities. Although we have a flax tax now, we support the possibility of having a graduated income tax.