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Date: Wednesday, March 13, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Location: RM 103, Sup. Ct. Chamber
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Trevor Oetken []
Good evening my name is Trevor Oetken from Northwest Iowa. I want to express to you my disapproval of this Bill. After listening in at the zoom meeting Today at noon I would like to discuss the two main points made by one of your colleagues. 1. He roughly stated that the approximate 1500 to 2000 acres of ground acquired by the DNR each year is displacing one farm family. My question to this is why are we not concerned about the approximately 15,000 acres (a number used from the farm bureau website) it seems like we are swatting at a mosquito to our right when there is a bear attacking us on the left. The acres going to the DNR will promote revenue from hunters, anglers hikers, bicyclist in nature enthusiast. I also want to make sure its know I work in the agricultural sector. This isnt coming from someone who doesnt understand/ live in agriculture daily. Agriculture is apart of who I am to the core. 2. The second point that he made was that he had worked with conservation organizations when drafting this bill originally. One thing that he felt he learned was that the DNR does not by land auction had a regular basis and they have made it a policy to try to not do this. This is my understanding of the words that he spoke today. He stated that if theyre not using auction is way to acquire land then we should just take it away.My rebuttal to this is: I have tools in my toolbox that I use once or twice every couple of years. Since I dont use these tools, should I get rid of them? Should someone be allowed to take them away from me? Just because the DNR has made it a policy to not use auctions as a way to acquire more property doesnt mean we should just go and take it away and take it away from the tool chest of resources.Thank you for your time and efforts, and I hope Can see my point of view on this bill. Thank you.Trevor Oetken
Eric Rector []
Amend the bill to allow the DNR or NGO's to attend the auction if invited by the seller, simple solution.