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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act establishing the advanced dyslexia specialist endorsement competitive grant program within the department of education and making appropriations.(Formerly HF 2030; See HF 2643.)
Subcommittee members: Nordman-CH, Wilburn, Wood
Date: Thursday, February 29, 2024
Time: 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM
Location: RM 102, Sup. Ct. Consult
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Comments Submitted:

Katie Greving [Decoding Dyslexia Iowa]
I support this bill because the Dyslexia Specialist endorsement is crucial training for Iowa teachers. This 18 credit hour credential trains teachers in the science of reading, and this approach is the standard of care for ALL kids, not just those who have learning disabilities. The Dyslexia Specialist endorsement was created as a result of the 2019 Dyslexia Task Force. That group of a variety of stakeholders studied dyslexia and literacy in Iowa for over a year and unanimously recommended that this new credential be developed and offered in our state. The teachers who have gotten this endorsement so far describe it as life changing! Many educators want to pursue it, but cost is a big barrier. Please invest in this so that all Iowa kids can become proficient readers. Remember that the legislature funds a number of other tuition grant/scholarship programs, so this type of funding is not unique.
Renee Saarloos []
I support this bill to fund the grant program for the dyslexia specialist endorsement. The training teachers receive in this program is imperative, not only for dyslexic learners but for ALL students across Iowa. As a parent of a dyslexic child, current reading interventionist, and dyslexia advocate, I know EVERY school should have more educators with deep knowledge of dyslexia.
Nicole Pizzini []
I support this bill to establish a competitive grant program for the advanced dyslexia specialist endorsement. This endorsement is essential to expanding the number of educators trained to address dyslexia and the standard of care in reading for ALL learners. As a parent of a dyslexic child we had to seek a private tutor because there was a lack of educators trained to provide appropriate reading instruction to my child. We need more educators who are appropriately trained to provide reading interventions that meet the standard of care. The financial cost to obtain this endorsement should not be a barrier for teacher seeking this endorsement. Like other disciplines that receive financial incentives to expanding the number of providers and retaining current providers, those seeking this endorsement should be financially supported in their efforts. Please support educators seeking this endorsement which will intern benefit ALL Iowa children.
Bambi Boggs [Schools]
I'm writing in strong support of Bill HF 2377. As an educator who's completed the Dyslexia Endorsement I urge you to pass this Bill. The knowledge, practice standards and hands on training provided in the Dyslexia Endorsement has been powerful for me. I am able to support educators in the understanding of, not only Dyslexia, but a learner profile to support learners in Literacy through taking steps to ensure that the environment, instruction and curriculum is dyslexia friendly. The 18 credits are difficult for educators to pay for. As a single mother at the time of enrollment I was lucky enough to qualify for student loans. My district did not provide financial support. I asked and was told I could use my signon stipend of which was only $2,000 after taxes. In conclusion, I ask for your support on behalf of educators of Iowa who are doing their best every day and are struggling to create dyslexia friendly classrooms. By passing the bill we are providing important learning for all Iowans. As my knowledge from this endorsement is shared daily with educators, administration, parents and communities in my position as the Dyslexia Specialist for Ottumwa Schools.
Dana Recker []
as a current Grand Viewstudent in this program, I support this bill. I chose to get my endorsement in the science of reading as a dyslexia specialist, because I didnt learn how to teach kids to read in college. The information I was given was misleading and quite honestly, it was wrong. As I tried to apply what I learned from my bachelors degree in the school setting, I was failing my students. With the information that I have learned from my classes at Grand View, I am better equipped and able to help all children learn to read better. Especially our most vulnerable students with disabilities. Please help me and my fellow educators help Iowas children by supporting this bill.
Heidi Van Roekel []
I support this dyslexia specialist endorsement bill. As a parent with a dyslexic child and having a spouse affected with it, I see a unique world where more needs to be done for these kids and how it affects them long into adulthood. Having teachers who support and understand educational delays with dyslexia is just as much expected and needed for families like ours who struggles from one generation to another to make it through. Please consider giving our teachers all the assets they need to better our kids foundational skills.
Crystal Menken []
Please support this bill as it is imperative that Iowa students have access to more teachers who have been trained and are very knowledgeable about dyslexia. The cost of obtaining the endorsement is a huge barrier to teachers who are passionate about teaching students who learn differently than mostoften the currently used instructional approaches and curriculum fail them. Children with dyslexia are struggling in Iowa schools and deserve teachers who are knowledgeable about how to help them succeed.
Megan Hunemuller []
I am in support of HF 2377. Dyslexics in Iowa are at a huge disadvantage, as are our educators, at no fault of their own. Our higher ed schools have dropped the ball when it comes to educating our upcoming teachers about dyslexia. When students graduate from college and are ready to take on a role in educating our students, they should not only understand what dyslexia and how it affects students, but they also should be able to recognize the signs and be prepared to help accommodate these students. Dyslexia effects 1 in 5, the more educators we can get through this Dyslexia Specialist endorsement, the better!! As with everything, cost is a huge factor and I hate that it holds some of our best educators back from being able to further their education while helping all Iowa students succeed. Please consider passing this bill
Laura Olson []
I support this bill because our teachers, even those getting reading endorsements, are not receiving the training they need in dyslexia to be effective. Dyslexia is the single most common reason for reading/spelling issues, yet our teachers are not given training on how to remediate dyslexia. We need to help our teachers become experts on remediating dyslexia.