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A bill for an act relating to audits of state entities by certified public accountants.
Subcommittee members: Bousselot-CH, Bisignano, Schultz
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Location: Lobbyist Lounge
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Chad Brewbaker [Dallas County Republicans Precinct WDM 223]
Strongly against this session. Bousselot while at Department of Management concealed Miller/Bird/Sand Iowa Code 13.7, 13.11, 23A.2 embezzlements and secret Wells Fargo loans to defraud Regent bond underwriters along with Wellpath pharmacy fraud at Polk Jail (CEO indicted 2019, convicted 2022) are still ongoing. First order of business should be House oversight ordering Bird/Sand to appear before them to answer to my 2017 Iowa False Claims Act petitions fraudulently dismissed without AG written consent. Bird defrauded LSA not disclosing them in her June 2023 Iowa False Claims Act annual report despite unsealing in November 2022. Bird in conspiracy with McAllister and Mansfield did it again on my November 2023 Iowa False Claims Act petitions.What I could use is a small appropriation for a forensic accountant in EQCE089882 BREWBAKER v BIRD (Polk 2024) to compel Bird to discharge the duties of her office. It would be wise to put Broadlawns immediately in receivership of Polk Jail medical contacts to stop ongoing detainee medical abuse by Naphcare.Tom Miller's main backchannel was the IDOT email server see Sand's filings in Sand v Unnamed government insurance pool using the IDOT email server; that needs immediately backed up. Iowa Revenue also needs to chase the check of Bird's LS2Group client Apple to the 501(c)(3) at Waukee City Hall which failed to pay the IRS/Iowa bribe tax, and the check from Carlyle Group Sedgwick's ICAP to Dentons Davis Brown in July 2021 ordering WDMPD to not investigate frauds made known in my June 2021 tort claim still pending fake investigation by Bird/Sand. Treasurer Smith could use a House subpoena to compel all Iowa Code 13.7 embezzled attorney fees be turned over to his office for processing back to the 2005 amount of at least $35,000 that Vilsack/Dickey had embezzled from ISU Foundation via Belin McCormick via attorneys Zumbach/Boyken to Bluin for Governor. Embezzlements back to Colloton's time at Belin McCormick would be wise Bird broke his operational security by hiring too many of his former clerks. You can see bribe checks to US SDIA Chief Judge John Jarvey in State of Iowa Salary Book cut by Dana Oxley that were not disclosed to 8th Circuit. The 2005 Belin embezzlements implicate both Mansfield/McDermott. Criminal complaint affidavit against Iowa Lotto VP of Security Joe Diaz DSMPD public copy, Warren County Attorney has sealed file implicates Sand/Bird in whistleblower retaliation on the true hero who brought down Eddie Tipton.13.7, 13.11 money embezzled from $100k IVRC settlement to Belin McCormick was used for operating agreement drafted for Bird's LS2Group in 2012. Iowa GOP should produce invoices of 23 March 2019 check for $21k to "Beelin" McCormick so it has clean hands.