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A bill for an act relating to tort liability involving pesticides.(See SF 2392.)
Subcommittee members: Edler-CH, Costello, Dotzler
Date: Monday, February 12, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: Room 315
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Esther Arkfeld []
I am respectfully urging you to please vote NO on this bill. This bill would give Bayer immunity from liability so long as they have an EPA approved label on their product. Why in the world would you ever give a company immunity from their product when it has been proven to cause damage? (Bayer bought Monsanto/Roundup...Roundup causes cancer, Parkinson's and an array of other illnesses as the attorney testifies to in the subcommittee hearing). In the subcommittee hearing in the House they testified they need immunity due to a labeling requirement/issue which is covering them in litigation. They are not in litigation trouble because of a labeling issue! They are in litigation trouble because their product is harming people. If their product is so wonderfully safe they wouldn't need immunity!For the love of all Iowans please vote NO.
Susan Hurst []
Please vote NO on this bill. As the daughter and sister of farmers who suffered cancers linked to agricultural chemicals, I am completely opposed to limiting liability by ANY manufacturer of these products. It isn't just the people who use pesticides who are at risk, it's everyone who drinks Iowa's waters and eats food produced here. The hazards of using pesticides are well knownthat's why there is already regulation regarding their use. It's beyond irresponsible to support this tort reform bill.
Alicia Koster []
Please vote no on immunity for agriculture chem products. Its highly important that companies be held accountable for the products they produce and spray in fields. Iowa farmers and residence deserve better than this. Im not sure why any product needs immunity at all. Everyone should be held to a safe standard. We know several products lead to cancer. I watched it happen to several family members who are farmers.
Betsy Fickel []
A NO vote on this bill. Immunity from liability for special persons/groups is unconstitutional. Iowa's constitution explicitly forbids it. Art. 1 Sec. 6. Violating this provision is violating your oath of office.