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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act relating to parental access to live video feeds of public school district classrooms and providing penalties.
Subcommittee members: Sorensen-CH, Moore, T., Smith
Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Time: 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: RM 102, Sup. Ct. Consult
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Comments Submitted:

Sandy Wilson [Citizen Engagement]
Citizen Engagement declares IN FAVOR of HF 2177.
Aaron McCaslen []
This citizen is NOT in favor of HF 2177.
Tara Stemsrud []
What protection are you giving the girl who gets her first period in class and non parent is watching? What protection are you giving to the child with an IEP and has all their adaptations broadcasted and other parents are angered because their kids dont get the modifications so they screenshot it out for everyone to see? When a child has an accident in class and now isnt invited to others homes? What protection are you giving that child who is anxious to answer in front of others and now is answering jnfront of parents/guardians/family of all their classmates? This is a ridiculous bill. If homes want to know what is being taught set up a conference, email, phone call, text, etc. Also can we stop just putting bills through not written by Iowans for Iowans.
Julia Rendon []
This is a terrible idea. There are so many substantive ways to improve education in Iowa, but this is a way to spend money without improving anything.
Julie Zaugg [citizen]
This is a bad idea. Teachers do not just stand in front of the room and lecture for a full class period. There is no way for a camera to follow them that would preclude students appearing in the video. As the parent of a student on an IEP, it is no one else's business what accommodations my child is receiving. This is a privacy issue. Parents are welcome to visit school, to volunteer, to attend events, to ask questions. We don't need "Big Brother" watching.
Jason Squier []
What an absolutely horrible idea. This is illegal on multiple levels. As a parent, I would sue immediately if this is passed. My child should not be live streamed to the world. I would not give consent. Our teachers in the state have done nothing but provide for the students during COVID. Stop vilifying them for doing their job. If you think it is so easy, get your sub license and spend a month in a school.
Sandy Wilson []
There was a time when Americans believed professional educators (teachers, administrators, school board members, education associations) had only the best interest of the children in mind, but not any longer. Our students are taught its OK to kill babies, you can choose to be a boy or girl or both or neither and we dont have to involve your parents, and to hate America. Certain students find they have no First Amendment Rights, are threatened with expulsion for expressing views not held by faculty and told they are guilty of racism by virtue of their skin color. The sad thing? This is not an exhaustive list!The Iowa legislature is proposing legislation regarding curriculum transparency, school choice, cameras in classrooms, and social studies requirements to address concerns over issues revealed in the past couple of years due to more parent involvement as a result of online learning. Many Americans support such legislation. Not surprising, many professional educators take exception to this legislation explaining they are trained professionals and wonder at the lack of trust (see paragraph one).AdvertisementThe answer for some families is homeschool or private school. But we also must ensure students in public schools become good citizens as well. All current students will run this country someday.Certainly not all, but professional educators in America have only themselves to blame for squandering decades of goodwill. Maybe we can think of the proposed legislation as tools to help restore trust so Iowa parents happily choose public school. Some students may even return!
Courtney Collier []
I support this. This would protect both teachers and students. We have live stream cameras for daycares, school buses are equipped with cameras and police officers utilize body cams to protect them and citizens. Cameras in classrooms would help to provide transparency, restore trust and offer accountability for students and teachers. Many teachers agree.
Mandee Shivers []
I am a concerned parent in SUPPORT of this bill. Parents should have access to see their children. Their are cameras in daycare centers, and many other workplaces already. There is no reason a parent shouldn't be given visual access to their children throughout the day. This is a way to support and protect teachers, as well as parents.I would question what administration is trying to hide if they are opposed to this bill?