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A joint resolution calling for an Article V convention in order to propose amendments to the Constitution of the United States that impose fiscal restraints, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and impose term limits on federal officials and members of Congress.(See SJR 2004.)
Subcommittee members: Guth-CH, Celsi, Smith, R.
Date: Thursday, February 3, 2022
Time: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location: Room G15
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Sandy Wilson []
I am against calling an Article V convention. What is the plan to protect Iowans from federal overreach until the remaining required 2/3rds of states also pass resolutions? Are Iowans to just languish in the abuses until then? States already have the power to end the abuses of federal government overreach with the 10th Amendment. Reclaim that power now!
James Walker []
I support calling a convention for proposing Amendments. Our opponents only have fear. They are afraid of what "might" happen, but seem unconcerned with what "is" happening. When asked what their solution is, all they have is "elect better people and ask them nicely to limit themselves". It's naive at best. The truth is that those in power are terrified that we intend to take their power away from them. On that, they are correct.
Marc Smiarowski []
I am very much in favor of SJR 2002. An Article V convention can address those things that are hurting this great country the most. Our federal government has grown exponentially to the point that it is considered oppressive and tyrannical. If our federal representatives truly had our best interests in mind wed already have a balanced budget, states would have more power and jurisdiction and Washington DC wouldnt be a career for the corrupt. I implore you to support SJR 2002. Thank you.
Theresa Tuvera []
I am fully supportive of Article V Convention of States, as are so many in Iowa. We must return the power to the states and save our country. It is the Iowa State Legislators on behalf of the people of Iowa who are to govern Iowa. Please pass this vital resolution. For such a time as this you have been placed in your position of authority.
George Caron []
Thank you for taking the time to review this vey important priority for Iowans. I am in support of using Article V for a Convention of States as described in SJR2002. In the last year we have witnessed first had how an outofcontrol federal government can quickly squash our liberties and encroach further on State Sovereignty. Our founders put Article V in the constitution with the ability of the states to act when the federal government became tyrannical. The Courts have allowed the federal government to encroach on areas that were originally left to the States and to the people. By using an Article 5 Convention of States as outlined in SJR2002 we the people and the states can regain lost Liberties and State Sovereignty. I encourage you to stand with Iowans as we go forth on our quest to return Sovereignty to our state and people to self Governance based on our original founding principles. Please support SJR2002.
Sue Kramer []
I am in favor of SJR 2002. The framers of the Constitution knew that this day of Federal overreach would come. They wrote Article V so that We the People make our voices heard. It is time for the power to return to the states where it belongs. Article V is the only method for assuring this will happen. Thank you!
Kim Lehman [None]
I am in favor of SJR2002 Mostly because the federal government has grown Way beyond its limits within the constitution. We need to resolve this and take the power away from these people. I would rather not have to do it but our founding fathers provided within our constitution a remedy when the federal government has grown so far out control and we are watching our freedom slip away day by day. It has become clear to all of us that our elected officials are controlled by the press and afraid of them and do not act upon what is right for the people but what Will protect their position in Congress. We have given them plenty of time and now we must act from the bottom up.
Quincy Droigk [Convention of States]
I completely support calling an Article V Convention. No amount of State Legislation can solve the problems Americans and Iowans face from the Overstepping boundaries of our Federal Government! DC has grown disproportionately out of control and no end is in sight! Bureaucratic Agencies are stripping Americans of their Freedom of Choice and are no longer Governing but subjecting Americans to Soft Tryanny in which they have not yet stripped us of our wills, but regularly soften, guides, and bends us! If we do nothing to HALT these abuses we run the RISK of becoming nothing more than a HERD of industrial animals in which the government is the SHEPARD! It is time for WE the PEOPLE to take our Government and OUR Country back! I prefer to be Governed not Ruled Over by an oppressive Tyrannical Congress! An Article B Convention of the States is our only sure, safe and Constitutional way!!!
Gregory Diamond []
Ask yourself these questions: Should we Iowans continue to support an out of touch, runaway federal government run by career politicians and unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats (how's that working for us today)? Or, should be use what our Founders gave us in Article V of the Constitution, to save the Constitution? Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to give us this gift. If we fail to stop tyranny now, how will we explain this to our children and grandchildren?! What's the definition of insanity; doing the same thing but expecting different results. Support Article V now!
Catherine Zemanek [Convention of States Action]
The Framers of our Constitution gave the power to the states for a time such as this. They understood human nature and they clearly understood the Federal government would increase its power. It is time to act on behalf of the people of Iowa. We cannot wait. Thank you for your leadership on this important issue. I ask that you pass SJR 2002 in this subcommittee today and that you support it through the full committee and onto the floor for a vote.
Evan Hardt []
I fully support your passage of this resolution for A convention of the states under article 5 of the US Constitution. Our founding fathers and framers knew what they were doing when they gave us this option and we should execute it. This Gives us the option to propose amendments that are necessary to correct needed changes and improvements in our government. We should definitely take advantage of the option to do that . I support the resolution as it is written and ask you to vote yes
Sebastien Porsenna [Convention of States ]
According to our founders the federal government is to be weaker than the state governments with a Convention of States we can allow the states to regulate their domestic affairs irrespective of appointed officials decisions and Supreme Court opinions. State governments are losing their power to an ever nosy federal government with SJR 2002 we here in Iowa can begin joining other states to propose amendments to our constitution to address these federal government grievances.