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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act relating to state revenue and finance by modifying the individual income tax, making appropriations, and including effective date and applicability provisions.(See HF 2317.)
Subcommittee members: Bloomingdale, Isenhart, Jacoby
Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Time: 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: RM 102, Sup. Ct. Consult
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Katie Hammond []
PLEASE, add verbiage to HSB626 that will include adding a mechanism that will increase the state sales tax by at least 3/8 of a cent to fund Iowa's Natural Resource and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. The Senate is discussing SSB3074 today and I am much more in favor of their bill because it will allow the trust to be funded. Something the People of Iowa asked for way back in 2010 and are still waiting for the Iowa Legislature to figure out a way to make it happen. I have faith in you guys. Let's get it done this year! Fund Iowa's Land and Legacy the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fun!
Sandy Wilson []
When did the Governors We arent going to tax your retirement income. Youve earned it. You should get to keep it turn into We arent going to tax your retirement income. Youve earned it. You should get to keep SOME of it? I understand why you want to raise the state sales and use tax, the money you phase out HAS to come from somewhere. I fully expected it would come from higher state sales and use taxes. I did notice that all this phasing in/out occurs in 3 to 5 years, but the sales and use tax increase goes into effect in 2023. It is my understanding this increase in state sales and use tax is supposed to eliminate local option sales taxes (LOST). It is aggravating you are doing this when not all cities were collecting LOSTs. What mechanisms are you putting in place that prevents cities from implementing another LOST? You can help Des Moines bring white water rafting and whatever else they think they need to attract people to Iowa but its not Iowas taxes that make me want to leave when we retire, although that might have been something to consider. Its Iowas weather. No disrespect to anybody whos been here their entire life.