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A bill for an act relating to deer population management, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.(Formerly SF 427; See SF 581.)
Subcommittee members: Sweeney-CH, Dotzler, Green
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Location: RM 24A
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Corey Thorson []
This bill is a joke and disgrace to all sportsman and the Iowa DNR. Let the people we hire do their jobs and stop intervening with these bills.
Matthew Eggers []
Please do not support this bill.SF 464 negates penalties for poaching antlerless deer and promotes harvesting antlerless deer during a very vulnerable time (winter). Iowa's deer herd is the envy of the country. This bill removes protection for antlerless deer, which will negatively impact the quality of our deer herd. There are already generous quotas in high population counties as well as depredation tags to address antlerless harvest. Iowa's wildlife are a very valuable resource. As a valuable resource we should treat deer, including antlerless deer, as such. This bill treats them like pests. Additionally, the bill requires the DNR to conduct deer population studies in all counties in the state. The study would be funded by, ironically, the fish and wildlife protection fund. Again, there are already mechanisms used by the DNR to conduct population estimates. If the Farm Bureau would like additional deer population research they can fund those projects.Thank you for your time and consideration.