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Subcommittee meeting and times are as follows:
A bill for an act relating to the allocation of nonresident deer hunting licenses, and making penalties applicable.(See HF 806.)
Subcommittee members: McClintock-CH, Baxter
Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Time: 12:15 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: House Lounge
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Comments Submitted:

Matthew Lane []
100% against this bill! It is nothing but outfitter welfare! It fly's in the face of the North American model of wildlife management by moving a certain few to the front of the line. On top of the fact that this bill is UnAmerican it is poorly written. Any business registered with the Secretary of State can call themselves an "outfitter". It is an idea that is begging to be abused. Every deer hunter and their brother wants to hunt Iowa. "Outfitters" don't need help finding clients. If they do they must not be very good. They also won't stop at 500. This bill is the top of a slippery slope.This bill will hurt Iowa hunters. Access is hard enough. We don't need to encourage outfitters. Also, this bill will make it harder for non resident friends and family to draw tags.
Robin Mayberry []
I am a non resident. I do not support this bill as a taxpayer via hunting licenses purchased in Iowa. It will hurt deer hunting and that is iowa great resource that draws my to spend $4000 bi annually iowa.
Greg Marshall []
I am opposed to any change to the current system of tag allocation for the state of Iowa. Currently Iowa has one of the best deer herds in the nation. Largely that is due to the strong rules and regulations in place. The continual changes proposed will errode that. Setting aside tags for outfitters will make it a pay to play system. There is very little public ground in Iowa to hunt on as compared to private ground. Outfitters will lease up farms displacing residents who currently hunt them. Do not change the system!
Darren Waller []
As an outfitter I welcome the proposed legislation, especially if the tags come from the NR allotment. NR tags are not increased only redistributed. Another remedy would be to increase overall NR tags to increase odds of potential clients. I would support either.
Mark Foster []
I believe this is a terrible idea for the residents of Iowa, extremely hard to find access to land and bills like this will only make it more difficult . Please leave the regulations alone, Iowa is a special place for hunting, dont destroy it like theyve done in Illinois.
Matthew Eggers []
Please vote no on this bill. This is outfitter welfare. We have a pure preference point system in place to help outfitters predict clients' likelihood of drawing a tag. This bill is likely just about generating business for outfitters at the expense of less fortunate hunters. I am a resident of this state. I do not want to see wildlife and hunting become a activity only for the wealthy.
Scott Rolffs []
Please vote no on this bill. Lets leave the non resident applications as they are.
John Marzolf []
How in the world can this benefit anyone except an outfitter? Ive been hunting iowa since 97. It use to be an easy draw. Nearly every year. Now its at least 3. I will have at least $1000 into a tag before I even hunt. Now the outfitters will be in the draw. Talk about a rich mans sports... tags will be going for over $5k. Iowa is the best whitetail hunting in the nation. Why in the world do you keep trying to change the regulations each and every year? What is the goal???
Jim Smith []
Please vote no, This would be unfair to my nonresident friends and family that return to IA to hunt on the family farm. It would also encourage more leasing and displace our resident hunters.
Myles Fordham []
NR hunts are how I make a living. Thanks for considering allocating tags to us. But, I would like to see more NR tags overall. That would help my business and help deer numbers. Were over populated and can use all the help we can get.