Study Bills

Economic Growth (S)

Study bills still in committee.

Bill Bill Title
SSB 3146 A study bill for an act modifying the state sales tax rebate to the owner or operator of a baseball and softball tournament facility and movie site. 2/11/16 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Mathis, Guth
SSB 3142 A study bill for an act relating to small farm operations involved in the production of certain commodities that are unprocessed or processed, including by establishing programs to support production and marketing, and requiring government entities to provide a preference for certified small farm operators when purchasing food. 2/11/16 Subcommittee: Taylor, Bowman, Chelgren 2/17/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 3137 A study bill for an act authorizing cities and counties to establish energy efficiency improvement districts and district boards and providing for financing of energy efficiency improvements. 2/10/16 Subcommittee: Danielson, Taylor, Guth
SSB 3136 A study bill for an act relating to the provision of financial assistance from the nuisance property remediation fund. 2/10/16 Subcommittee: Hart, Wilhelm, Breitbach 2/11/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 3095 A study bill for an act related to the high quality jobs program by allowing additional tax incentives for businesses that use contractors and subcontractors operating or participating in an apprenticeship program and including applicability provisions. 2/4/16 Subcommittee: Taylor, Bisignano, Guth 2/9/16 Subcommittee: Returned to committee.
SSB 3094 A study bill for an act relating to economic development by establishing an enhance Iowa board to assume the powers and duties of the vision Iowa board and additional powers and duties, establishing an enhance Iowa fund, establishing a sports tourism program and fund, making appropriations, and including transition provisions. 2/4/16 Subcommittee: Dotzler, Bowman, Anderson 2/10/16 Returned to committee.
SSB 1188 A study bill for an act providing for benefit corporations, and providing for fees. 2/17/2015 Subcommittee: Danielson, Hart, and Chelgren