Bills in Committee

Administration and Rules (H)

Bills under consideration and review by committee.

Bill Bill Title
SCR 7 A concurrent resolution relating to the establishment of a criminal code revisions legislative study committee.
SCR 6 A concurrent resolution requesting the establishment of an interim study committee by the legislative council to conduct a study of issues related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
HF 2087 A bill for an act providing for a feasibility study of conducting floor debate and other legislative business via the internet.
HF 930 A bill for an act relating to consumption of alcoholic beverages at the state capitol complex.
HJR 2005 A joint resolution authorizing the temporary use and consumption of wine in the State Capitol, and the temporary display of ceremonial banners, in conjunction with the awards ceremony of the World Food Prize Foundation.
HCR 103 A concurrent resolution amending the joint rules of the Senate and the House of Representatives for the Eighty-second General Assembly.