Iowa Autism Council

Department of Education, Grimes State Office Building, Des Moines, IA, 50319; 515.725.0510
Term Ending
Stephanie Boyle
April 30, 2026
Bill Carlson
St. Ansgar
April 30, 2026
Michelle Grant
Storm Lake
April 30, 2026
Rhonda Kortenkamp
Center Point
April 30, 2025
Colin Wixted
West Des Moines
April 30, 2025
Nonvoting Members
Beth Buehler-Sapp, designee of Department of Education
Angela Burke Boston, designee of Insurance Division, Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Caroline Elser, designee of Board of Regents
Connie Fanselow, designee of Department of Health and Human Services
Erika Hertel, designee of the Regional Autism Assistance Program Child Health Specialty Clinics
Bill Kallestad, designee of Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council
Andrea Keith, designee of Vocational Rehabilitation Services Division, Department of Workforce Development
Wendy Trotter, designee of Department of Education