Postsecondary Education Rigor Analysis (J)


Issue a request for proposals to contract for an independent entity to analyze and compare the rigor of the first two years of study at community colleges and institutions of higher education governed by the State Board of Regents. Make the report of the analysis publicly available by July 1, 2009. (required by 2008 Iowa Acts, H.F. 2679, ยง 7)

Note: The Postsecondary Education Rigor Analysis Interim Committee issued a Request for Proposals and received three bid proposals. However, on 12/8/2008, the Legislative Council acted to cancel the Interim Committee, commenting that state budget conditions would have precluded expenditures to address the results of the study. The RFP and the bid proposals can be accessed from the "Additional Information" link below.

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  • Frank Wood
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