Joint State Government Ethics Committee (J)


1. To review the subject matter examined by the Reform Committee on Government Ethics and Procedures, that were included in that
committee's report, as well as matters that were considered during the 1992 regular session of the general assembly as those recommendations and considerations apply to state level officials and members of the general assembly.
2. To examine the issue of whether gifts of food, beverages, travel, and lodging which would otherwise be prohibited may be received by an official or member of the general assembly if the person is officially representing any agency in a delegation whose purpose is to attract new business to locate in the state or to encourage expansion or retention of an existing business in this state. If the committee determines that the receipt of these (economic development) gifts should be permissible, the committee shall make recommendations concerning whether the person should me reports concerning the gifts, where the reports should be filed, and whether or not the reports should be confidential.
3. To examine the issue of personal financial disclosure by an official or member of the general assembly, and whether this disclosure should include candidates for state executive office or seats in the general assembly.

Senate Members
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House Members
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Public Members
  • Jim Lind
  • Michael K. Peterson
  • Ralph Rosenberg
  • Phillip E. Tyrrell
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