Review of Iowa's Handgun and Offensive Weapons Law Study Committee (J)


To examine Iowa's existing laws on handguns and offensive weapons and the laws of other states, take public testimony, and recommend to the general assembly those measures which will address the need to reduce violence against the people of Iowa.

Senate Members
  • No member data available
House Members
  • No member data available
Public Members
  • Emil Joseph Husak, Co-Chair
  • Mary C. Neuhauser, Co-Chair
  • William Bernau
  • Allen Borlaug
  • Michael W. Connolly
  • Minnette Fredrichs Doderer
  • Donald V. Doyle
  • Jack W. Hester
  • Scott L. Krebsbach
  • Janet S. Metcalf
  • Paul D. Pate
  • David F. Schrader
  • Richard J. Varn
  • Richard B. Weidman
Committee Information