Farm Financial Crisis Study Committee (J)


Review new data and develop better understandings about the causes and trends in farm financial stress; to monitor the private and public actions and programs at work to resolve the crisis; to examine the probable "ripple" or general economic effects of farm financial stress and the effects of farm financial stress and the effects on rural nonfarm businesses; to analyze the ownership patterns of farms and control of input businesses, farm related factories, grain elevators and plants; to anticipate the effect on the Iowa economy and local communities if no action is taken; and to evaluate current or proposed remedies and alternatives such as modification of the Uniform Commercial Code, a limited foreclosure moratorium, permission for lenders to hold land, special education for adults through programs such as ASSIST, the Rural Concerns Hotline, the displaced farmers program, tax exempt state bonds to provide low interest credit, loan guarantees, state or federal appropriations for interest rate "buy-downs", an agricultural adjustment corporation, and an agricultural investment bank.

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