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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2019-09-25 Iâ??m a father of three boys here in ida grove and a few weeks ago dhs has came to my door for the second time in a month the first time he said everything that I was being accused of was unfounded this time I let the dhs person know Iâ??m fed up with being harassed by them even though her paperwork Said she didnâ??t have the evidence she was looking for she was still going to try to start a China case against me because I wanted Lawyer present this time so I can make them stop coming and harassing My family the showed up at my house at 1:30 in the morning and gave me less then a day notice to appear in court they didnâ??t even let me see a judge just gave me another date to appear in the mean Time they kid napped my children and put my youngest son in a foster home I will go to the end of the earth for my children I even passed drug tests for them now they claim I know how to pass there test and there evidence they have on me know is my hair is to short I suggest to pull dhs funding they have done this kind of stuff to lots of people out here these people donâ??t do things by the book these people have been know to lie to take ate children please take them out of are small town every one here think they are a waste of tax payers money

2019-09-21 Can you PLEASE reconsider how Iowans abroad (expatriates) can return our ballots for elections? We represent America on a daily basis in our interactions with others in foreign countries. Our voices should matter too. The Trump administration plans to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union in mid October as part of their trade war abroad. If the withdrawal goes forward, postal mail service to the United States will be thrown into disarray and the USPS expects postal service to and from the States to be massively disrupted. Currently, as you know, Iowa only allows for returning ballots by mail. This means that our voting next year could be hampered or disrupted too. As we are well into the 21st century now, changing to a system that allows for electronic return of ballots seems in order. Please consider this as a way to ensure greater participation by those of us who still love our country and want to participate, now more than ever. Thank you for your consideration.

2019-08-15 My city government keeps using Big Iron to sell city equipment rather than the county sheriff's auction to dispose of the equipment. Is the city government right in disposing of equipment in this manner? The City will undergo a 5-year financial exam this fall. I believe this item should be returned as part of the auditor's examination and any discrepancies in their findings

2019-08-09 Read a book! Any book. I am sure that there are resourceful people who are in your districts that might have opinions!

2019-06-09 President Trump is doing his Damnest to save the U.S.A , while the Dems and Rino's are trying to turn us into a Third World country. The Dems want OPEN borders, they want NATO to control the so called world order and sell us out for their power bids. IOWA SENATORS AND CONGRESS ARE NO BETTER THAN THE DEMS IN THEIR SUPPORT OF PRESIDENT TRUMP. WE NEED REAL REPUBLICANS OR CONSERVATIVE INDEPENDANTS TO RUN FOR OFFICE. We, the american people are sick and tired of the political infighting and lack of action by the legislature to look beyond the local issues and look at the country and where we are heading. With the present actions/or lack thereof we are quickly becoming a third world country. If the President wants tariffs then we need to have tariffs, and certainly need the support for the President. If you people in the legislature were so smart and political then you wouldn't be state legislatures you would be somebody, Which you are not. It is time you supported the President and the American people--not to mention the people of Iowa. Get with it---Get it done. Leo Lounsberry USN ret.

2019-06-06 I am over the age of 70 and recently renewed my license and licenses are limited over the age of 70. If it were a "safety" issue they wouldn't even issue licenses to males in the 16 to 20 age group because they have the highest incidence of accidents. It costs the state of Iowa an increased cost to issue licenses according to a discriminated age group. By restricting licenses (same period of issuance)to a predetermined and discriminate age group Iowa is breaking Iowa IS discriminating by not allowing seniors(over the age of 70) the same rights as those of a younger age group. This cannot and should not be tolerated. The person over the age of 70 is no more likely to have an accident as than someone 50 plus. In fact they are less likely, for many reasons. They tend to drive less miles are more likely to obey speed limits and other driving restriction. Why than does Iowa discriminate against seniors? Many states do not restrict period of licenses to seniors. Florida , for instance, is a state of retiree's and they do not restrict because of age. Get real IOWA and quit your discrimate behavior, as well as wasting money. Leo Lounsberry USN ret.

2019-06-04 The standard notice that the office staff provides is that it may take up to 30 days, which is what the law allows. This doesn't necessarily mean it will take that long; however, the legislature changed the process. Individual sheriff offices no longer print permits. We go through the process to approve or deny, which really isn't any different in practicality between a new or a renewal. The same background searches and review is completed. One of the legislative changes to accomplish a standardized statewide plastic permit is the state assumed the responsibility to print permits, which is outsourced to a contractor and mailed to applicants similar to a driver's license. It is now in the hands of the state and I can't speak to how long it takes for them to print and mail. Additionally, the period when a permit is considered expired, requiring a "new" application, is also governed by the legislature. This is an example of bureaucracy at it highest. It is a means of applying gun control. It is not meant to save money or even increasing safety, it is purely a bureaucracy stunt to add a level of gun control/denying the american people of Iowa reasonable legislation. It should not be any different from applying for a drivers license. It surely increases the cost, serves no reasonable purpose, and is not in the interest of the public. This is actually a violation of the second amendment by allowing a contractor to decide if an american is allowed a permit to carry. What are their qualifications to make this determination? What standards are they using? Who in the legislature oversees this to ensure they meet requirements? Are the Democrats in control of the legislature? They (Democrats) are known to be against the second amendment --even though it is in the constitution. Lets quit dragging our feet and do what is right and put this on the same level as drivers license, which IS safety related. Respectfully Leo Lounsberry USN ret.

2019-05-19 Please forward to all the State House Members and to all the State Senators of the State of Iowa. UPDATED April 24, 2019 I believe the following is against any law known to man or to God. I also believe the following is perhaps one of the Most Important Matter in the Entire History of this Planet. I believe almost every Human Being is either Partially Enslaved, More than Partially Enslaved, or Fully Enslaved (for No Apparent Reason) by possible Undercover Implants that were inserted in his/her body by possible syringe injected Vaccinations or other possible Injected Liquids since the Human Being is born and subsequently when the Human Being is a child or an adult. This may have started in the year 1850 or earlier with possible Localized Undercover Implants. However, I believe since the late 1950's, the Undercover Implants have been possibly controlled by Supercomputer Software that is instantaneously transmitted from Satellites in orbit. I believe this technology has been advancing very rapidly. Hence, I believe Partially Enslaved people can be wirelessly switched ever since to More than Partially Enslaved, or to Fully Enslaved (for No Apparent Reason) at any time of their lives whenever the possible Undercover People may choose to do so. I believe, as a result of these possible Undercover Implants, Tens of Thousands of Human Beings (either rapidly or slowly) are being Mentally and Physically Shackled, Tortured, and some Murdered Everyday, UNDERCOVER, World-Wide, for No Apparent Reason. (Such as people possibly Committing Suicide). Additionally, I believe the Undercover Implants allow the possible Undercover People to ILLEGALLY use Major Visible Laws against their Covertly Oppressed Targets to further Covertly Oppress them. I believe the Undercover Implants, due to their possible nature, significantly contribute to the increase of Global Conflicts, Wars, Crimes, Terrorism, Mass Murder, World Human Inconfidence, World Crippling of Constructive Human Ability, World Crippling of Correct Legal Justice, World UNDERCOVER Sexual Oppression, World Diseases (even possibly Influenza or the common Cold), World Hunger, World Poverty, World Illiteracy, World Economic Instability, World Political Instability, World Unemployment, World UNDERCOVER Deprivation of Human Wants and Needs, World UNDERCOVER Pain and Suffering, and World UNDERCOVER Unhappiness. I believe The Undercover Implants cannot be scanned or found by a Medical Device because I believe the Supercomputer Software (that controls them) knows in advance what the situation is and hence steers away the Undercover Implants from the medical target area plus I believe the Supercomputer Software produce a possible intense artificial fear in the patient's mind to keep the patient from agreeing to any form of scientific investigation in regards to finding the possible Undercover Implants in his/her body. Additionally, I believe that most Health Practitioners World-Wide know about the Undercover Implants but keep them Undercover (due to their possible personal interests), because I believe that the Undercover Implants cause many possible health and mental problems, such as Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Autism, etcâ?¦ (including many possible sexual problems such as Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transsexuality, Rape, Pedophilia, etc...); hence, Health Practitioners may make more money that way. Additionally, I believe if people who may have possible Undercover Implants inside their bodies, express a Complaint (or Agree with an expressed Complaint) about possible public figures or possible important organizations, these people may possibly contract Cancer or any other possible Serious Disease. I also believe that numerous important people in the World (in any possible career) know about the possible Undercover Implants but, also because of their own possible interests, they keep them Undercover. Many of these people, I believe, will pretend and act very well that they either don't know about the possible Undercover Implants or that they possibly know about them but are completely against them. I believe lot of people who possibly know about the Undercover Implants are very good pretenders and actors, and they can be very convincing in their act. I believe it is up to the solidly good positive people with the good solidly positive intent to detect whether whomever they're communicating with is solidly genuine or not. Additionally, I believe that the overwhelming majority of the population of Earth do not know about the possible Undercover Implants. I also believe that not only Humans but animals may be similarly vaccinated with possible Undercover Implants as well. Hence, I believe animals can be possibly wirelessly manipulated (via satellites) against Humans whenever I believe the possible Undercover people may choose to do so. Some people may attempt to fully or partially invalidate this above message, and/or may attempt to fully or partially invalidate the messenger. Please be aware that these people may want to keep the Human Race Oppressed and Controlled Undercover.

2019-03-06 Grandparents need rights!!! I raised my grandkids for 2 yrs per DHS and now I havenâ??t seen them in 2 months. (We reported then to DHS again) Your DHS system needs a complete overhaul and a system of checks and balances in place!!! Children should not be allowed to remain homes with meth users ever!!! Safeyplannkng for homes with meth is just absolutely ridiculous and unsafe!!! We need to protect our future and we need to insure that every child has the ability to have their grandparents in their lives!!!

2019-03-05 To whoam it may concern.. As in inproving state goverment Iowa needs to give grandparents rights to their grandchildren first to keep The family bond before foster home or in case parents are not capably or drug related tending to there children .The child is not in a safe environment! And kidnapping is no tolorance in any way! In Iowa.!! Like Arizona rules! Once the parent is out of the picture for at least 6 months. This is a real problem and this is cruel and inhumane especially for the child and the grandparent or kin.. It is like A death.. Thease matters need to be address!! In Iowa!!! Thankyou for reading.. Nita Willie

2019-03-04 The Iowa Legislature must create standards for government employees regarding abuse of power and retaliation to the public. Government officials and employees work FOR the public and are NOT above the law. The lack of accountability and oversight of DHS, court, law enforcement and correctional employees needs to be addressed with legislation.

2019-02-18 I Oppose Senate File 237.

2019-02-15 I want to express my opposition to the bill being considered that would alter the way our judges are appointed. The current system is fair and ensures we have have experienced justices in our courts. The voters of Iowa are able to remove judges who are not acting in the public interest. The system is working, leave it as it is. This should be left up to the voters of Iowa. Legislating this change is unconstitutional and will be challanged in the courts.