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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2021-08-05 Please endorse the Convention of States. Our Constitution is being violated in many ways. Our rights are being stripped away. y body, my choice is being denied. Government is over spending and overreaching. Our country is being terrorized by our own government. Please stand up for your voters and support Convention of States to uphold your oath to work for the people.

2021-07-16 Davenport is a Crisis needs funds released help they residences please help your citizens get the resources they need I don't know why y'all would ever agree to held federal assistant ban when should have when y'all file to see the impact help your people

2021-06-09 I would like to see that the state legislature ban all social media devices along with social media accounts used by voted in Iowa lawmakers. This includes the state and federal lawmakers that represent Iowa both in Des Moines and Washington D.C. My reasons for this is that these devices are too prone to breaches by the high demand of the job along with the readiness by Iowa lawmakers with regards to computer technology. Their research is often outsourced to tech specialists whom are working feverishly to teach and tell the Iowa lawmakers how the social media devices work and often to no avail that they were successful in relaying information correctly interpreted by the said Iowa lawmakers. Kindest Regards, Heather "Aiden" Alamo Iowa City, Iowa and Geneseo, IL

2021-06-09 Is anyone looking into why Iowa Schools are violating the federal order on masks requirements on school buses? Which public transportation conveyances does the order apply to? The order applies to all public transportation conveyances traveling into the United States (i.e., arriving from a foreign country) or within the United States (including within states or territories or traveling between states or territories). This includes school buses. The Order also applies to all conveyances leaving the United States until they arrive at a foreign destination. Are masks required on school buses? Yes, passengers and drivers on school buses must wear a mask, including on buses operated by public and private school systems, subject to the exclusions and exemptions in CDCâ??s Order. Operators of school buses should refer to the Department of Educationâ??s COVID-19 Handbookpdf iconexternal icon for additional guidance.

2021-05-27 The General Assembly should pass a law permitting it to meet only every other year unless called by the governor to address an emergency and a supermajority of the legislature agrees OR a supermajority of the legislature agrees to convene sooner. A collateral bill requiring a two-year budget would facilitate an every other year meeting of the legislature. Such measures would save the costs/expense of a yearly session as well as slow down the mischief caused by the same party controlling the executive and legislative branch's of government.

2021-05-16 I would hope to see you strengthen Iowa Sunshine Laws by putting extreme limits on what can be charged for viewing public records. Unless you have financial means they all remain a secret. Lisa Thoren

2021-03-11 What % does this benefit? Why waste time on this?Leave it alone IT works as is for the common individual. Is it a life or death issue? LEAVE IT ALONE spend your time and my Taxes I paid on matters that matter. How about OWIs of Kim Reyholdd

2021-02-25 Every citizen deserves appropriate notification Of changes being made that will immediately effect Their lively hood. Sufficient notice of changes With enough time allowance should be given to everyone If not this now becomes an emergency situation. Iowa workforce unemployment can improve this latest change in Payment service without proper notification now and in The future by finding solutions to notify consumers Properly. We are now facing an emergency situation that is not Being immediately resolved. Changing our none expired debit cards without Notice properly communicated to those who do Not have access or the tools to use the internet along With failed postal services. We are at the brink of Collapse for many of us. Proper notification in a timely manner Is required by law.

2021-02-22 Please oppose SSB 1199 and HSB 213. These bills seem to be making it very hard for certain individuals to vote. and.. It seems very unfair to pass a bill when no one bothers to take into account the work flow that it takes to put an election together and how these things effect every aspect from start to finish.