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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2019-03-06 Grandparents need rights!!! I raised my grandkids for 2 yrs per DHS and now I havenâ??t seen them in 2 months. (We reported then to DHS again) Your DHS system needs a complete overhaul and a system of checks and balances in place!!! Children should not be allowed to remain homes with meth users ever!!! Safeyplannkng for homes with meth is just absolutely ridiculous and unsafe!!! We need to protect our future and we need to insure that every child has the ability to have their grandparents in their lives!!!

2019-03-05 To whoam it may concern.. As in inproving state goverment Iowa needs to give grandparents rights to their grandchildren first to keep The family bond before foster home or in case parents are not capably or drug related tending to there children .The child is not in a safe environment! And kidnapping is no tolorance in any way! In Iowa.!! Like Arizona rules! Once the parent is out of the picture for at least 6 months. This is a real problem and this is cruel and inhumane especially for the child and the grandparent or kin.. It is like A death.. Thease matters need to be address!! In Iowa!!! Thankyou for reading.. Nita Willie

2019-03-04 The Iowa Legislature must create standards for government employees regarding abuse of power and retaliation to the public. Government officials and employees work FOR the public and are NOT above the law. The lack of accountability and oversight of DHS, court, law enforcement and correctional employees needs to be addressed with legislation.

2019-02-18 I Oppose Senate File 237.

2019-02-15 I want to express my opposition to the bill being considered that would alter the way our judges are appointed. The current system is fair and ensures we have have experienced justices in our courts. The voters of Iowa are able to remove judges who are not acting in the public interest. The system is working, leave it as it is. This should be left up to the voters of Iowa. Legislating this change is unconstitutional and will be challanged in the courts.