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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2018-10-23 The Iowa Smokefree Air Act should be updated to include vaping. Vaping exposes others in buildings to harmful chemicals where vaping is occurring similar to smoking tobacco products. Now cities such as Ames and Iowa City where vaping is pervasive have to put their own bans in place to protect the public and workers as it is not addressed under the current state law.

2018-09-11 Dear Senator, Congressperson; Retirement plans are no longer about the retirees who need them but about beneficiaries. That needs to change. While the government is working to make 401K, 403B and other retirement plans more accessible to employees, they might want to address the policies of those financials that administrate the plans. Their policies prevent some people from being able to participate. In order to open an account, these financial require everyone to supply not just a beneficiary but also that beneficiaryâ??s social security number before they will open the account. They will not accept â??estateâ?� as the beneficiary. That includes Certificate of Deposit account, an IRA or Roth IRA account, Annuities and various others for retirement and now even 401K accounts with an employer. Not everyone has a person for a beneficiary. Their young, just starting out, orphaned, divorced, the only survivor and so on. Maybe later but not when, or each time they need to open an account and start saving for retirement. (Not to forget each time there is a job change and they need to open a new retirement plan account.) These financials say the law requires it, before they can open an account. I know of no such law. The law I know says you can list estate as a beneficiary. I know of all the pros and cons of listing estate as beneficiary but there is one thing to remember. These are called retirement plans because they are for retirement. Thatâ??s what they are suppose to be about but anymore it's all about beneficiaries. If that wasn't true, anybody, with or without a beneficary, could open any of these retirement accounts. The end result of these financials policies is that even more people will end up on the door step of federal and state government needing help in retirement. These retirement plans, accounts need to be focused on their original purpose of being for retirement. Not beneficiaries.

2018-05-23 Listen to the voters and fund the Iowa Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust.

2018-05-13 There is a desperate need for term limits and psychological evaluations, especially of judges, justices and magistrates as many appear incompetent, dishonest and psychopathic. Eliminate BAR associates from public office. That is a significant factor for independent mindedness. Random drug testing of officials, especially BAR associates. In Iowa, the BAR associates are Warring on our Constitution and perverting Justice by placing their profits before our people, their code before our Constitution and their wrongs before our rights. Iowa has no real oversight of BSR associates at any level . The judiciary and Commission is a farce. Iowa is Convicting innocent people for profit, Violating Inalienable Rights, ignoring Common Law and Constitutional rights with impunity. The AG and other authorities remain depravedly indifferent to not just claims of abuse but evidence such as Pattern and Practice Of Withholding Exonerating Exculpatory Evidence in order to obtain a conviction as seen in the You Tube videos: IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE & IOWA CORRUPT JUDGES COURTS POLICE 2 at http:/

2018-05-13 Term limits, eliminate all BAR associates. Enforce the laws holding accountable corrupt judges, legislators and executive officers. Mandatory random drug tests for Judges, Justices, magistrates, Senators, representatives, Prosecutors and other officials.

2018-05-05 The Judicial system and the Department of Human Services/Child Protection are not out to help Iowans. The judges and district attorneys are locking up innocent people and handing out life sentences like its candy. We need to raise the Juvenile age to 25 do to new Scientific Evidence on Brain Development; the human brain is still developing into the late 20's. This needs to be addressed in Iowa. California has already raised the Juvenile age to 25 for Juvenile court and has brought home the men and woman who had no hope at all .. it shows young people and older can be rehabilitated and brought back into society without safety issues. It costs Tax payers $32000 a year to house one inmate. There is over 8000 inmates in Iowa prisons. Most Iowans in DesMoines where I live don't make 32,000 a year to take care of an entire family. As for Child Protection Services- they have taken power with no regard to The Constitution of the United States of America. Elected representatives at all levels have done nothing to help Iowa families. Corrupt Child Services Employees- need investigated. Iowans need to know our children are safe from corruption in all fields.

2018-04-17 To Whom this may concern; I believe (and the thousands of people using the E911 system agree) that EMS is a crucial part of public safety. A strong public safety system promotes economic growth in rural Iowa, protects our citizens and our visitors, and gives people the right to prioritize EMS in their townships. Please support voting yes for the bill HF 2479, Thank you! Sincerely, Joellen Megan

2018-01-31 You must vote NO on Senate File 2117. After seeing legislators pass huge "permanent" tax breaks on business, we must STOP giving business free dollars to open their business in OUR town. If giving these dollars has to come at a high price to the average individual, then the price is too great! Our community is constantly giving business to relocate and build a brand new building. What ever happened to the days when a person who wanted to run a business opened what "they" could afford, then grew as their business income afforded it? It is way to easy to give our tax dollars out and just what are we getting back? In Dubuque it is becoming well known that business is padding their owners pockets well while holding the rein on pay and benefits to the workers who the company has built itself on. No more cuts to programs that hinder the middle class. It IS TIME for legislators to listen and stop thinking it is okay to run their own agenda rather than listening to the voters of this state!

2018-01-31 The new budget cuts are extremely unfair! It is time to look at other areas of change and cuts. There is so much pork in the budget, but no group seems to think their area should be touched. The cuts need to happen across the board and not in the same area every time. Some of the budgets that are taking another hit with the new round of cuts have already had large cuts to deal with. Why do Republicans always run on "improving education as it is so important" then slash the heck out of the budget? You know the first to have to leave the colleges are the struggling middle class students as families simply cannot continue to assist their child. I want to see Agriculture take a bit of a hit! I want to see our own legislators take a hit! Maybe you could all start paying a fair share of your medical and retirement. How would you like to pay $1,750 a month premium for health insurance as my husband and I do? Why are you not working on relief for this crisis? I have not heard on thing that will assist with this problem. But you all keep talking of the rising health care cost. All we can do is pray that once the election takes place we get a more balanced government and maybe there won't be the opportunity to railroad in all the selfish ideals of a single party. By the way...we do not live off any welfare system. Never have, but may be forced to if no one gets to work and faces the real problems of the average Iowan. I wonder is my letter falls of deaf ears?

2018-01-05 I think the General Assembly should take a serious look at their own budget and consider some reductions. In this day of information technology and computers, they could operate with a lot fewer staff. For example, does each legislator really need a clerk? Computers do most of the work now and the GA could utilize the LSA Administratve Services Division and eliminate the need for clerks altogether. Is it really necessary for leadership to have very expensive full-time AAs? The LSA also has a lot of expensive senor staff. Many make $100,000+. Check the State Salary Book. Some of the top level staff make more than the Governor and many Exec Branch Directors. Why is the Legislative budget not on the the State of Iowa checkbook (budget transparency) website? Why does the LSA have a huge contract for computer services with a firm out of Utah when they have their own full-time staff of approximately 15? There is no oversight of the legislative budget. They patrol themselves. And they operate under a standing unlimited appropriation so there is no limit to what they can spend each year and so there is no incentive for them to make reductions. Check the actual spending (not budgeted amounts) for the last 10 years. It is easy to see how a sexual harassment lawsuit materilized. That is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of issues that need review. They need to hold themselves and their staffs accountable. But I am sure it will just be business as usual until the next lawsuit is filed.