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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2021-03-11 What % does this benefit? Why waste time on this?Leave it alone IT works as is for the common individual. Is it a life or death issue? LEAVE IT ALONE spend your time and my Taxes I paid on matters that matter. How about OWIs of Kim Reyholdd

2021-02-25 Every citizen deserves appropriate notification Of changes being made that will immediately effect Their lively hood. Sufficient notice of changes With enough time allowance should be given to everyone If not this now becomes an emergency situation. Iowa workforce unemployment can improve this latest change in Payment service without proper notification now and in The future by finding solutions to notify consumers Properly. We are now facing an emergency situation that is not Being immediately resolved. Changing our none expired debit cards without Notice properly communicated to those who do Not have access or the tools to use the internet along With failed postal services. We are at the brink of Collapse for many of us. Proper notification in a timely manner Is required by law.

2021-02-22 Please oppose SSB 1199 and HSB 213. These bills seem to be making it very hard for certain individuals to vote. and.. It seems very unfair to pass a bill when no one bothers to take into account the work flow that it takes to put an election together and how these things effect every aspect from start to finish.