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Improving State Government What are your suggestions for improving state government?

2020-07-25 I think that it is time to start telling the truth! I also think that it is time to end lobbying, career politicians, and you start working for the people. It is time that you all start working for the people. Voter ID should be made mandatory, you need an ID for everything else so what is the big deal. Oh that's right maybe then the elections can't be rigged! Stop putting poisons into our air, water, food, and soil! Time to do the jobs that you took an oath for. This is America! You all need to start acting like it!

2020-07-08 Iowa numbers for coronavirus are going up, we need to slow the spread and keep Iowans safe. Please require citizens to wear masks in public. Stores require shoes and shirts to come inside, why is a mask so much different? Also, require all business to make hand sanitizer available to customers when leaving the business.

2020-06-08 Why is a swimming pond open if swimming pools are closed. A kid drowned in the swimming pond near LeMars this weekend

2020-05-01 I am not being offensive or vulgar in any way I just want the truth, for a change.This Covide 19 is not a joke and I know people are taking advantage of that ,I am Not One of them I work for a college as a cook , And I don't know when I will be able to return.Thank You Cindy Hoke IOWA

2020-02-16 I just learned that you are trying to pass a red flag law? Keep in mind that gun ownership is our Constitutional right, do defend ourselves including against tyrannical government. Trying to take away any Constitutional rights is treason. If you think President Trump is going to be locking all those who have committed treason than you are mistaken! You may think, "well he won't be re-elected". Are you will to bet your life on that because treason is punished by either the noose, electric chair, or firing squad. If you commit treason by attacking the rights of U.S. Citizens then you will eventually be sitting in GITMO making the decision between the chair, noose, or a bullet. We're watching President Trump dismantle the deep state so don't fool yourself into thinking that you will get away with treason.