Improving State Government Suggestion Form

These suggestions are periodically reviewed by the State Government Efficiency Review Committee. Pursuant to Iowa Code section 2.69, the committee is required to meet every two years to review state government organization and efficiency options and receive state government efficiency suggestions offered by the public and public employees. Do not expect a direct response to your suggestion. When submitting a suggestion please understand the following guidelines:
  • Please direct all comments concerning legislation to State Legislators.
  • Citizens can air their specific grievances about government with the Office of Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has authority to investigate complaints about Iowa state and local government, with certain exceptions.
  • Suggestions must be related to improving government. For example, consumer complaints about a business will not be published.
  • Potentially libelous suggestions will not be published.
  • Obscene suggestions will not be published. This includes any statement that is vulgar, profane, or offensive.
  • Threatening suggestions will not be published. This includes personal attacks, intimidation, bullying, or threat of harm against a person or organization.
  • If your response is published, it will not be edited for spelling or grammar.
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