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Investigative Reports

TitleDocument Date
No Model of Transparency: An Investigation into Two Votes by the Iowa Public Information Board 12/20/2018
Neither Fair Nor Impartial: An Investigation into the Iowa Department of Corrections' Sanctions Against an Inmate 02/16/2015
Investigation of the Iowa Department of Human Services' Oversight of a Child Care Center 09/11/2013
Investigation of Earlham Community School District Employee's Personal Use of a School Vehicle 07/09/2012
Walking a Fine Line: An Investigation of the Monticello Mayor and City Council 07/05/2011
Whose Interest Is Being Served? An Investigation of a Walker City Council Member's Conflict of Interest 06/21/2010
Turning A Blind Eye: An Investigation Into Misconduct by the City of Stuart's Street Superintendent, and How City Leaders Responded to It 12/28/2009
Taking Chances on Integrity: An Investigation of the Iowa Lottery 04/21/2009
Investigation of Restraint Device Use in Iowa's County Jails 02/19/2009
Investigation of Winfield's Agenda for the September 11, 2006 City Council Meeting 10/10/2007
Investigation of Scott County Jail's Use of Force 06/27/2007
Investigation of County Treasurers' Tax-Sale Registration Fees 06/18/2007
Investigation Into Pacific Junction Mayor Public Records Complaint 05/22/2007
Investigation of Maquoketa's Pit Bull Ban Ordinance and Enforcement 12/21/2006
Investigation Of Luther City Council Violation Of Open Meetings Law 12/13/2006
Report to Government Oversight Committee Regarding Soil and Water Conservation Districts Competition with Small Business 04/03/2006
Investigation Into the Timeliness of the Death Notification to the Surviving Spouse of a Motor Vehicle Accident Victim 11/18/2005
Investigation Into the Timeliness of the Death Notification to the Surviving Spouse of a Motor Vehicle Accident Victim -- Press Release 11/18/2005
Investigation Into Lee County Auditor's Release of Tape Recording of Board of Supervisor's Closed Session 04/25/2005
Investigation Into the Department of Natural Resources' Investigation of Asian Markets in Polk County 08/27/2004
Report of Task Force into Critical Incidents within the Iowa Prison System 08/02/2004
Investigation into the Transitioning of Reggie Kelsey out of Iowa's Foster Care System 01/14/2003
Investigation of a High-Speed Law Enforcement Pursuit Involving Toledo Police Department and the Tama County Sheriff's Office 08/19/2002
Investigation of the Department of Human Services' Handling of Allegations of Child Abuse Concerning Shelby Duis 12/14/2000
Investigation of the State Insurance Division's Oversight of Clinton Memorial Cemetery & Funeral Home, Inc. 09/01/1999
Investigation of How the Des Moines Police Department Handles Complaints About Its Officers 01/27/1999
Investigation of DIAs' Oversight of Long-Term Care Facilities 12/24/1997
Matters Relating to a Forced Move of, Use of a Chemical Agent on, and Withdrawal of Medication from Inmate Craig Gardner 06/13/1994
Investigation of the Des Moines Police Department: Use of force in the arrest of Larry Milton, Review of police internal affairs investigation system, 04/09/1992

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