Where can I see the committee and subcommittee meetings scheduled for the current day?

During session, on our homepage, look at the lower two boxes displayed in the main pane. The left-hand side shows Senate committees scheduled for the current day and the right-hand side shows House committees meeting on the current day. These boxes will update in real time. If a meeting is canceled or added, the content will adjust accordingly on the home page. (You may need to click the Refresh button in your browser to update the content.)

How do I find more information about a committee?

Click on the Committees tab along the top of the website. This page lists all of the current committees, including standing, appropriations, Legislative Council, permanent statutory, and interim study committees, as well as public hearings.

Click on the name of the committee to learn more about it. After clicking on the committee name link, you will see the committee membership, member photos, meeting information, subcommittee assignments, and staff information for that committee. You will also see links for bills, amendments, and study bills sponsored by the committee and bills currently in the committee.

Where are the committee meeting rooms located?

Click on the Committees tab along the top of the website and then click the Committee Room Maps link along the left-hand side to view a map of all of the committee rooms in the Capitol building by floor.