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Senate Journal: Page 1386: Friday, April 27, 2001

  S-3564	H.F.	726	Maggie Tinsman
  JoAnn Johnson
  Jeff Lamberti
  S-3565	H.F.	726	Steven D. Hansen
  Patrick J. Deluhery
  S-3566	H.F.	726	Tom Flynn
  Patrick J. Deluhery
  S-3567	H.F.	719	Steve King
  Mary A. Lundby
  Robert E. Dvorsky
  S-3568	S.F.	532	House
  S-3569	H.F.	726	Johnie Hammond
  S-3570	H.F.	713	Ways and Means
  S-3571	S.F.	499	House
  S-3572	H.F.	725	Bill Fink
  1366	JOURNAL OF THE SENATE	110th Day
  110th Day	FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2001	1367

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