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House Journal: Page 1850: Thursday, May 3, 2001


A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on May 3, 2001, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary of
State the following bills:

House File 180, an act relating to dissolution of marriage including certain
financial statement information filed by the parties and participation in a court-
approved course prior to the granting of a final dissolution of marriage decree or the
entering of a final custody order.

House File 354, an act relating to the pronouncement of death by a physician
assistant, a licensed practical nurse, or a registered nurse.

House File 674, an act relating to the accreditation and reorganization or
dissolution of an area education agency.

House File 705, an act relating to sales and use taxes on the delivery of electricity
and natural gas and to the rate of tax for providing metered gas, electricity, and fuel to
provide energy for residential customers.

House File 715, an act relating to the administration of the tax and related laws by
the department of revenue and finance, including administration of state individual
income, corporate income, sales and use, franchise, hotel and motel, environmental
protection charge on petroleum diminution, property, cigarette and tobacco products,
and inheritance taxes, local option taxes, and including effective and retroactive
applicability date provisions.

Senate File 344, an act restricting the exemption in the public records law for
communications made to government bodies.

Senate File 354, an act relating to limitations on filing medical assistance claims
against a decedent's estate.

Senate File 412, an act relating to the compulsory attendance age and attendance
at school during the regular school calendar by a child who has reached the age of

Senate File 418, an act relating to unemployment compensation by providing that
social security pension payments are nondeductible from unemployment benefits and
providing for coverage for employment by an Indian tribe and providing an effective


A copy of the following communications were received and placed
on file:

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