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Senate Journal: Page 1457: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

  S.F. 2245 - Relating to law enforcement agencies, and to the enforcement of
  criminal offenses and local ordinances, and making penalties applicable.

  S.F. 2246 - Relating to the accumulation of credit upon an inmate's sentence
  Iowa inmates incarcerated in another jurisdiction.  Approved 5-19-00.

  S.F. 2252 - Eliminating the future repeal of the school finance formula and
  providing for periodic legislative review.  Approved 5-15-00.

  S.F. 2265 - To provide an additional sentence of parole or work release for
  persons who commit the crime of lascivious acts with a child.  Approved

  S.F. 2276 - Relating to the application of earned time credits against a
  sentence and providing an effective date.  Approved 5-9-00.

  S.F. 2327 - Relating to certain procedures for the purchase or condemnation
  interest in private property by a utility subject to the jurisdiction of the
  Iowa utilities
  board.  Approved 5-10-00.

  S.F. 2331 - Relating to the interest a member of the board of directors of a
  corporation may have in a contract with the director's school corporation.
  Approved 5-15-00.

  S.F. 2390 - Relating to the duties of divisions within the department of
  and appeals and codifying the establishment and duties of the existing
  health facilities
  division.  Approved 5-3-00.

  S.F. 2419 - Providing for limitations on investments by city hospitals.

  S.F. 2429 - Relating to and making appropriations to the department for the
  the Iowa state civil rights commission, the department of elder affairs, the
  department of public health, the department of human rights, the governor's
  office of
  drug control policy, and the commission of veterans affairs, and providing
  dates and retroactive applicability provisions.  Approved 5-8-00.

  S.F. 2430 - Relating to and making appropriations involving state
  including provisions affecting agriculture and natural resources and
  providing effective
  dates.  Approved 5-11-00.

  S.F. 2438 - Relating to the creation of a water quality district, providing
  for the
  levy of a tax, and providing for other properly related matters.  Approved

  S.F. 2439 - Relating to the accelerated career education program, providing
  a tax
  credit from withholding, creating an accelerated career education grant
  program and
  fund, relating to the transfer of job training withholding to the workforce
  fund account, and providing an effective date.  Approved 5-18-00.

  S.F. 2444 - Relating to the taxation of property used by the Iowa national
  Approved 5-19-00.

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