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31 in which the approved premises is located has a zero
32 percent prevalence of infection among all herds in the
33 county, not counting a herd kept at the approved
34 premises. The department shall provide for the
35 suspension or termination of the certification for a
36 violation of a term or condition of the certification.
37 When a certification is suspended, terminated, or not
38 renewed, the location shall remain under a cleanup
39 plan until released pursuant to the provisions of
40 section 166D.8.
41 Sec. 19. Section 166D.11, Code 1999, is amended to
42 read as follows:
45 Beginning on December 1, 1989, swine other than
46 unvaccinated or differentiable vaccinated swine shall
47 not be sold, marketed, or moved within this state,
48 except to slaughter or to an approved premises by
49 certificate of inspection.
50 1. The secretary shall disapprove for a person

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1 shall not use in this state on and after July 1, 1991,
2 any vaccine that is not a differentiable vaccine.
3 2. a. Except as provided in this section, swine
4 within a county which is designated by the department
5 as in stage II of the national pseudorabies
6 eradication program shall be vaccinated with a
7 modified-live differentiable vaccine. The swine
8 located in a stage II county shall be vaccinated as
9 follows:
10 (1) Except as provided in subparagraph (2), the
11 following applies:
12 (a) Breeding swine shall at a minimum receive
13 quarterly vaccinations.
14 (b) Feeder swine shall at a minimum receive one
15 vaccination. The feeder swine shall be vaccinated
16 when the feeder swine reach eight to twelve weeks of
17 age or one hundred pounds, whichever occurs earlier.
18 (2) If swine are required to be vaccinated prior
19 to or after movement, as provided in section 166D.10,
20 to a stage II county, the swine shall be vaccinated
21 with a modified-live differentiable vaccine as
22 otherwise required in that section.
23 b. The department shall adopt rules or issue an
24 order that exempts swine from being vaccinated with a
25 modified-live vaccine, as provided in this subsection,
26 based on any of the following:
27 (1) The swine is part of a qualified negative herd
28 or a qualified differentiable negative herd.
29 (2) The swine belong to a herd located within a

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