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30 county, if all of the following applies:
31 (a) The county has a history of zero percent
32 prevalence of infection among all herds in the county,
33 regardless of whether the county currently has a
34 higher than zero percent prevalence of infection among
35 all herds in the county.
36 (b) All contiguous counties have a zero percent
37 prevalence of infection among herds in that county, as
38 designated by the department.
39 3. a. The person who owns the swine when the
40 swine is required to be vaccinated under this chapter,
41 shall be solely liable for providing the vaccine and
42 administering the vaccination. a noninfected feeder
43 pig required to be vaccinated upon arrival at an
44 approved premises as provided in section 166D.10B
45 shall be vaccinated at the expense of the owner who
46 moves the feeder pig. If the swine is transported
47 into this state, the owner shall be deemed to be the
48 person who owns the swine immediately prior to
49 transportation.
50 b. This subsection does not prohibit the owner of

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1 swine from contracting with a person, including a
2 person receiving ownership of swine moved into this
3 state, to provide the vaccination, if the person
4 receives fair compensation for providing the
5 vaccination and the sale price for the swine is not
6 increased because the owner must comply with this
7 subsection.
8 4. The cost, or any segment of the cost, of
9 purchasing a laboratory product used for testing and
10 vaccination provided in this chapter may be paid for
11 by federal or state funds or a combination of both.
12 Federal or state funds shall not be paid to the owner
13 of a vaccinated herd other than the owner of a herd
14 vaccinated with a modified-live differentiable
15 vaccine.
16 Sec. 20. Section 166D.12, Code 1999, is amended by
17 striking the section and inserting in lieu thereof the
18 following:
20 a person shall not move swine through a
21 concentration point, except as provided in this
22 section.
23 1. For swine from a noninfected herd, the swine
24 may be moved through any concentration point. All of
25 the following shall apply:
26 a. Breeding swine must be kept separate and apart
27 from feeder pigs.
28 b. Breeding swine must be sold first.

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