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9 3. a school district that submits to the
10 department a claim for reimbursement in accordance
11 with this section shall develop and integrate specific
12 employability skills, goals, and activities into the
13 comprehensive school improvement plan required under
14 section 256.7, subsection 21, paragraph "a".
15 4. The department of education shall certify to
16 the department of revenue and finance the total
17 amounts of approved claims to be paid and, to the
18 extent moneys are appropriated, the department of
19 revenue and finance shall draw warrants payable to
20 school districts with approved claims, taking into
21 consideration the relative budget and cash position of
22 the state resources. If the funds appropriated for
23 purposes of this section are insufficient to pay in
24 full the claims submitted by school districts and
25 approved by the department, the amounts of approved
26 claims shall be prorated among all school districts
27 with approved claims.
28 5. Moneys received under this section shall not be
29 commingled with state aid payments made under section
30 257.16 to a school district and shall be accounted for
31 by the school district separately from state aid
32 payments. Payments made to a school district under
33 this section are miscellaneous income for purposes of
34 chapter 257."
35 4. Page 37, by inserting after line 18 the
36 following:
37 "Sec. . NEW SECTION. 261.22 CAREER
39 1. a career opportunities and resources for
40 education grant program is established to be
41 administered by the college student aid commission.
42 An individual is eligible for the grant program if the
43 individual is a resident of this state who is enrolled
44 at a community college in a vocational program
45 designated as a career opportunities and resources for
46 education program in accordance with the provisions of
47 this section. The college student aid commission
48 shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17a to
49 administer this section.
50 2. The department of economic development shall

Page 3

1 identify, at least every four years, targeted
2 industries that pay high wages and offer excellent
3 benefits and that correspond to Iowa's areas of
4 competitive advantage. The director of the department
5 of economic development shall submit this list of
6 targeted industries to the director of the department
7 of education.

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