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23   for each category of child under section 256B.9 times

24   the number of children in each category totaled for
25   all categories minus the total number of children in
26   all categories.
27     If a district receives additional funding under
28   this section for a budget year, the department of
29   management shall determine the amount of the
30   additional funding which would have been generated by
31   local property tax revenues in proportion to the
32   amount of funding actually received pursuant to this
33   section, if the additional enrollment because of
34   special education in the budget year had been used for
35   that budget year in determining combined district
36   cost, shall reduce, but not by more than the amount of
37   the additional funding, the district's total state
38   school aids available under this chapter for the next
39   following budget year by the amount so determined, and
40   shall increase the district's additional property tax
41   levy for the next following budget year by the amount
42   necessary to compensate for the reduction in state
43   aid, so that the local property tax for the next
44   following year will be increased only by the amount
45   which would have been increased in the budget year if
46   the additional enrollment because of special education
47   in the budget year could have been used to establish
48   the levy.
49     There is appropriated for the fiscal year beginning
50   July 1, 2000, and each succeeding fiscal year, from
Page 2  
 1   the general fund of the state to the department of
 2   education, the amount required to pay on-time funding
 3   authorized under this section, up to a maximum of
 4   thirteen million dollars annually, which shall be paid
 5   to school districts in the same manner as other state
 6   aids are paid under section 257.16.  If the amount
 7   appropriated is insufficient to provide the full
 8   amount of on-time funding, the payments to school
 9   districts shall be prorated such that each school
10   district shall receive an amount of on-time funding
11   equal to the percentage that the on-time funding to be
12   provided to the school district bears to the total
13   amount of on-time funding to be provided to all school
14   districts."
15     2.  Page 6, by striking lines 2 through 6 and
16   inserting the following:
17     "     .  Title page, lines 1 and 2, by striking the
18   words "commencing with the budget year beginning" and
19   inserting the following:  "beginning on or after"."
20     3.  By renumbering as necessary.

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