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42     6.  The commission shall prescribe by rule the

43   interest rate for the forgivable loan.
44     7.  An Iowa worker retraining forgivable loan fund
45   is created for deposit of payments made by forgivable
46   loan recipients who do not fulfill the conditions of
47   the forgivable loan program, or by businesses who wish
48   to contribute financial assistance on behalf of
49   current or former employees.  Notwithstanding section
50   8.33, moneys deposited in the fund shall not revert to
Page 3
 1   the general fund of the state at the end of any fiscal
 2   year but shall remain in the forgivable loan fund and
 3   be continuously available to make additional loans
 4   under the program.  Notwithstanding section 12C.7,
 5   subsection 2, interest or earnings on moneys deposited
 6   in the Iowa worker retraining forgivable loan fund
 7   shall be credited to the fund.
 8     8.  The commission shall adopt rules for
 9   determining financial need, defining tuition and
10   mandatory fees, defining residence for the purposes of
11   this section, processing and approving applications
12   for loan forgiveness, and determining priority of loan
13   forgiveness.  The commission shall give priority to
14   students who have the greatest demonstrated financial
15   need, who wish to upgrade their skills, and who are
16   earning not more than two dollars over the minimum
17   wage as established in section 91D.1.  The commission
18   shall also give priority to a person whose present or
19   former employer contributes financial assistance as
20   provided in subsection 7 on behalf of the person, and
21   the level of priority shall be based upon the amount
22   of the present or former employer's contribution."
23     4.  By renumbering, relettering, and redesignating
24   as necessary.
Amendment H?1695 lost.
Hansen of Pottawattamie offered amendment H?1725, to the 
committee amendment H?1618, filed by him from the floor, 
previously deferred, as follows:
 1     Amend the Committee amendment, H-1618, to Senate
 2   File 464, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the
 3   Senate, as follows:
 4     1.  Page 4, by striking line 20 and inserting the
 5   following:

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