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43   the quality of the jobs in the occupational shortage

44   area.  In rating the quality of the jobs, the council
45   shall place greater emphasis on those jobs that have a
46   higher wage scale, have a lower turnover rate, are
47   full-time or career-type positions, provide
48   comprehensive health benefits, or have factors
49   associated with them that are indicative of jobs
50   higher in quality than jobs in other occupational
Page 2  
 1   shortage areas.
 2     3.  Each applicant shall, in accordance with the
 3   rules of the commission, do the following:
 4     a.  Complete and file an application, on forms
 5   provided by the commission, for an Iowa worker
 6   retraining forgivable loan.  The individual shall be
 7   responsible for the submission of the financial
 8   information required for evaluation of the applicant's
 9   need for a forgivable loan, on forms determined by the
10   commission.
11     b.  File a new application and financial
12   information annually on the basis of which the
13   applicant's eligibility for a renewed forgivable loan
14   will be evaluated and determined.
15     4.  Forgivable loans to eligible students shall not
16   become due until after the student graduates or leaves
17   school.  The individual's total loan amount, including
18   principal and interest, shall be reduced by twenty-
19   five percent for each year in which the individual
20   remains an Iowa resident and is employed in Iowa in
21   the skill shortage area for which the loan was
22   approved.  If the commission determines that the
23   person does not meet the criteria for forgiveness of
24   the principal and interest payments, the commission
25   shall establish a plan for repayment of the principal
26   and interest over a five-year period.  If a person
27   required to make the repayment does not make the
28   required payments, the commission shall provide for
29   payment collection.
30     5.  The amount of an Iowa worker retraining
31   forgivable loan shall not exceed one thousand five
32   hundred dollars annually, or the amount of the
33   student's established financial need, whichever is
34   less.  However, if the loan amount approved by the
35   commission exceeds the student's expenses for tuition,
36   room and board, and mandatory fees, the balance shall
37   be distributed to the student for whom the loan was
38   made.  However, the commission may exceed the maximum
39   loan amount based upon the demand for loans or an
40   extraordinary demand for trained workers in a skill
41   shortage area.

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