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House Journal: Page 1561: Wednesday, April 21, 1999

	Amendment H?1696 was adopted.

Wise of Lee offered the following amendment H?1695, to the 
committee amendment H?1618, filed by Wise, et al., previously 
deferred, and moved its adoption:
 1     Amend the committee amendment, H-1618, to Senate
 2   File 464, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the
 3   Senate, as follows:
 4     1.  Page 1, by inserting after line 46 the
 5   following:
 8     For the Iowa worker retraining forgivable loan
 9   program as established in section 261.114:
10   	 $  1,750,000"
11     2.  Page 2, by inserting after line 41 the
12   following:
13     "Sec. ___.  FISCAL YEAR 1999-2000 OCCUPATIONAL
14   SHORTAGE AREAS.  Notwithstanding section 261.114,
15   subsection 2, for the fiscal year beginning July 1,
16   1999, and ending June 30, 2000, the Iowa workforce
17   development board, in consultation with the
18   departments of education and economic development and
19   the college student aid commission, shall designate
20   skill shortage areas for purposes of the Iowa worker
21   retraining forgivable loan program."
22     3.  Page 26, by inserting after line 16 the
23   following:
24     "Sec. ___. NEW SECTION.  261.114  IOWA WORKER
26     1.  An Iowa worker retraining forgivable loan
27   program is established to be administered by the
28   college student aid commission.  An individual is
29   eligible for the forgivable loan program if the
30   individual is a resident of this state who is enrolled
31   at a community college as established under chapter
32   260C, an institution of higher learning under the
33   control of the state board of regents, or an
34   accredited private institution as defined in section
35   261.9, in a designated skill area in which
36   occupational shortages are anticipated as determined
37   pursuant to subsection 2.
38     2.  The governor's skills forecasting council shall
39   annually designate the skill areas in which
40   occupational shortages are anticipated.  In
41   designating skills areas in which occupational
42   shortages are anticipated, the council shall consider

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