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House Journal: Page 1560: Wednesday, April 21, 1999

31     3.  By renumbering, relettering, and redesignating

32   as necessary.
Amendment H?1736 was adopted.
Osterhaus of Jackson asked and received unanimous consent to 
withdraw amendment H-1688, to the committee amendment          
H-1618, filed by him on April 19, 1999.
Scherrman of Dubuque offered the following amendment H?1696, 
to the committee amendment H?1618, filed by him and moved its 
 1     Amend the committee amendment, H-1618, to Senate
 2   File 464, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the
 3   Senate, as follows:
 4     1.  Page 26, by inserting after line 50 the
 5   following:
 6     "Sec. ___.  Section 303.16, Code 1999, is amended
 7   by adding the following new subsection:
 8     NEW SUBSECTION.  10.  a.  The general assembly
 9   finds that the country school that served Iowa's
10   educational needs for much of its history offered a
11   unique opportunity to students and communities,
12   providing for multigenerational attendance, high
13   educational performance, a safe environment, a focus
14   for community support, and a caring, attentive
15   environment.
16     b.  A country schools historical resource
17   preservation grant program is therefore established to
18   be administered by the historical division for the
19   preservation of one-room and two-room buildings once
20   used as country schools.  In developing grant approval
21   criteria, the division shall place a priority on the
22   educational uses planned for the country school
23   building, which may include, but are not limited to,
24   historical interpretation and use as a teaching museum
25   or as an operational classroom accessible to a school
26   district or accredited nonpublic school for
27   provisional instructional purposes.
28     c.  Notwithstanding any other provision of this
29   section, the amount of a grant shall not exceed
30   twenty-five thousand dollars and applicants shall
31   match grant funding on a dollar-for-dollar basis, of
32   which at least one-half of the local match must be in
33   cash."
34     2.  By renumbering as necessary.

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