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 1   December 1, 1998, pursuant to section 331.439,
 2   subsection 1, paragraph "a".  The individual county
 3   spending amounts shall be combined by the department
 4   to identify a statewide spending amount.  The moneys
 5   appropriated in this section shall be distributed to
 6   counties based on a county's proportion of the
 7   statewide spending amount.
 8     2.  A county shall utilize the distributed moneys
 9   to increase reimbursement of those POS or county
10   contract providers whose reimbursement is below the
11   provider's cost or who utilize the reimbursement
12   increase to enhance service staff compensation.  A
13   county shall include a progress report describing the
14   county's usage of the distributed moneys as an
15   addendum to the county's expenditure report submitted
16   by December 1, 1999, pursuant to section 331.439,
17   subsection 1, paragraph "a", and a final report
18   describing the usage as an addendum to the expenditure
19   report submitted by December 1, 2000.  It is the
20   intent of the general assembly that any amount that is
21   not utilized for the required purposes shall be
22   recovered in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2000,
23   by reducing the county's social services block grant
24   local purchase allocation in an equivalent amount."
25     14.  Page 49, by inserting after line 33, the
26   following:
27     "5.  The department shall submit a quarterly
28   report, commencing with the quarter beginning July 1,
29   1999, to the legislative fiscal bureau specifying the
30   number and type of full-time equivalent positions in
31   the department that are funded but vacant."
32     15.  Page 52, by inserting after line 3, the
33   following:
34     "1A.  It is the intent of the general assembly
35   that, subject to the recommendations of the human
36   services provider reimbursement task force described
37   in this Act, beginning with the fiscal year commencing
38   July 1, 2000, the department shall utilize the
39   resource-based relative value system methodology to
40   determine medical provider reimbursement under the
41   medical assistance program."
42     16.  Page 53, by striking lines 29 through 33, and
43   inserting the following:  "services providers
44   effective October 1, 1999."
45     17.  Page 54, by striking lines 19 through 22 and
46   inserting the following:
47     "     .  Effective July 1, 1999, the maximum
48   reimbursement rate for psychiatric medical
49   institutions for children (PMICs) shall be increased
50   to $145.74 per day, based on per day rates for actual

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