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 1   financial participation amount for rehabilitation
 2   treatment services from the amount projected by the
 3   department in creating its budget.  An additional
 4   amount of not more than $600,000 shall be used to
 5   implement the recommendations of the legislative
 6   council's child welfare services work group.  The
 7   recommendations to be implemented include but are not
 8   limited to securing additional federal financial
 9   participation under Title IV-E of the federal Social
10   Security Act, developing an outcome-based data
11   management system, and providing ongoing support for
12   the work group activities.  The department shall seek
13   to obtain additional federal financial participation
14   under Titles XIX and IV-E of the federal Social
15   Security Act for activities eligible to draw federal
16   funding and shall coordinate with the work group in
17   implementing this and other recommendations of the
18   work group."
19     11.  Page 36, by inserting after line 18, the
20   following:
21     "22.  The department shall maximize the capacity to
22   draw federal funding under Title IV-E of the federal
23   Social Security Act and shall submit a quarterly
24   report regarding such maximization to the legislative
25   fiscal bureau, commencing with a report of the quarter
26   beginning July 1, 1999."
27     12.  Page 43, by inserting after line 17 the
28   following:
29     "During the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999, the
30   state hospital-school at Glenwood shall unbundle
31   pharmaceutical costs from the per diem charges for
32   services at the hospital-school.  County billings
33   under section 222.73 shall be reduced in an amount
34   equivalent to pharmaceutical costs separately charged
35   to medical assistance is a result of the unbundling."
36     13.  By striking page 45, line 34, through page
37   46, line 4, and inserting the following:
38     "For the costs of a reimbursement increase in
39   accordance with this section for sheltered work, work
40   activity, support employment, job placement, enclave,
41   adult day care, transportation, community supervised
42   apartment living arrangements, and adult residential
43   services paid by a county under a state purchase of
44   service (POS) or county contract:
45   	$  2,000,000
46     1.  A fiscal year 1997-1998 spending amount for the
47   POS or county contract services designated above shall
48   be determined for each county by identifying the
49   amount expended for the services for fiscal year 1997-
50   1998 in the county's expenditure report submitted by

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