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House Journal: Page 1120: Wednesday, April 7, 1999

out of the year we're all thrown together into this hothouse atmosphere where we all 

play that part and try to do the right things for the people of Iowa.
I tell John I think he's right because you don't get to choose all the members of your 
real family either.  Sometimes our family roles conflict.  Most of you understand the 
press has a watchdog role to play in our society. But you still don't like it when we 
write those stories about campaign finance, ethics or secrecy in government. But that's 
our job.
But John's on to something. Regardless of the role we play in this statehouse 
family, we all come here with a fierce love of Iowa and a desire to make it better.   It's a 
trait that has gone on in these halls for over 100 years and if Senator Jensen has his 
way, it'll go on here in a newly restored capitol for another 100 years.  In fact, it may 
take 100 years to complete the restoration.
For decades, men and women from all walks of life have come to this building to 
serve Iowa.  Most of us could be making more money doing something else.  Most make 
personal, financial and family sacrifices to be here.    All of us have had the unpleasant 
experience of calling a spouse or loved one to tell them we won't be home for dinner 
that night or have to work this weekend.  If it weren't for their understanding many 
couldn't work here. So on this day of remembrances, I'd like to acknowledge your 
families at home who put up with so much to enable you to be here.  We overlook them 
too often.
There are also lots of hidden stories in this statehouse family that really never get 
told. Like the members who helped one another through tough financial times, or help 
a colleague fight an alcohol problem or console one another in time of trouble. Some 
great battles have been fought on this floor.  But some lifelong friendships have been 
formed here too and today's the day we renew those friendships and forget the fights.
It's a story we don't often write because they're private matters.  But they're no less 
real and it's why all of us are saying our prayers for Stew and Jean Iverson right now.
I have noticed over the years there are family rituals to this place and Pioneer 
Lawmakers is one of them.  Every two years we get together to honor the family elders 
- those members who came here twenty years ago and to remember those members 
who have passed away.
This year, we honor the Class of 1979 - those lawmakers who were first elected in 
1978.  That was just a year after I was assigned to cover the statehouse.  It seems like 
yesterday I was walking into the building and thinking what a beautiful but 
intimidating place this was.
I think most of us can recall a similar memory of our first day walking into this 
capitol to go to work, whatever our job. We were all newcomers to the family and, truth 
be told, we are all honored to come to work each day.  I succeeded Jim Flansburg who 
had succeeded George Mills.
They passed on a lot of advice - like:
-  "Watch the code editor's bill.  Laverne Schroeder repealed the whole state 
housing code one year in that bill."

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