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House Journal: Page 1119: Wednesday, April 7, 1999

	Honorary members of the 1999 class were the following: Virgil 

Deering, Edward Failor, James Flansburg and Serge Garrison. 
The Honorable Richard Drake presented Dave Yepsen, Chief 
Political Writer for the Des Moines Register, who addressed the joint 
convention as follows:
Madame President, Mr. Speaker, Pioneer Lawmakers, Ladies and Gentlemen of the 
Iowa General Assembly:
Thank you for inviting me to address the Pioneer Lawmakers session of the 
When Senator Drake asked me if I would make a few remarks to the Pioneer 
Lawmakers session, I said I surely would and was honored that he asked. But I also 
asked if he had the votes to get that motion approved.  After all, many of you hear more 
from me on Monday morning than you really care to.
Senator Drake replied, "Haven't you ever been to a transportation committee 
meeting?"  Well, yes, I replied.  They're fun to cover if you're up at that hour or don't 
blink.  "Then you know I've got the votes," he said. "Just keep it short."
So thank you Senator for the invitation.  In that spirit, I'll proceed. Far be it from 
me to do anything to impede the adjournment of this session.  What was it you 
promised, Representative Siegrist - April 23?
This is actually the second time I have addressed the Iowa General Assembly.  The 
first time, in June, 1967, I was the 17-year old governor of the American Legion Boys 
State program.  They weren't in too good of a mood, mired in a June session as they 
were.  I told them they should lower the voting age.  They didn't.
And legislators haven't taken my suggestions since, so I'll not preach any here 
today.  However, my work has been acknowledged frequently from the floor of each 
chamber although not always in flattering terms. 
I was recognized once by Representative Doderer.  Fourteen years ago this month 
she rose on a point of personal privilege to say this was an important day for Iowa 
women.  Everyone looked around the chamber to ask what was going on.  She said, 
"David Yepsen's wife just had a baby girl and that's going to make him a whole lot 
more sensitive to the needs of Iowa women than he's been."
Well, I want to report, Representative Doderer, that Elizabeth's teachers have 
given her the tests and find she has a "slightly liberal" political philosophy.  I told 
Governor Vilsack that, and he said tell your wife she's doing a good job raising your 
To the point here today, my friend John Flannery out in the lobby is fond of telling 
me that this place is really just one big family.  We've all got our roles to play as 
members, as staff, as reporters, doorkeepers, clerks, secretaries or lobbyists or pages.  
We work, fight, celebrate and commiserate together. Like it or not, for several months 

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