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House Journal: Page 1728: Thursday, April 16, 1998

A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on April 16, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House File 681, an act creating an environmental audit privilege
and immunity, and an environmental auditor training program, and
providing penalties.
House File 2335, an act relating to persons holding interests in
agricultural land and providing penalties and an effective date.
House File 2336, an act relating to the assumption of risk by
and liability of forcible felons and persons aiding and abetting
in the commission of forcible felonies for damages resulting
from the offenders' criminal conduct.
House File 2528, an act establishing a graduated driver's
license for young drivers, making penalties applicable, creating
an interim study committee, and including an applicability
provision and an effective date.
Senate File 530, an act relating to the establishment of an E911
surcharge, providing for the distribution of the surcharge, and
providing a pooling mechanism for the purchase of equipment
necessary for an E911 system and providing an effective date.
Senate File 2072, an act providing for the appointment of an
additional member to the family development and self-sufficiency
Senate File 2218, an act relating to the issuance of highway
travel permits to raw milk transporters whose motor trucks
exceed gross weight and axle weight restrictions and
establishing a fee.
Senate File 2261, an act relating to the criteria for the
awarding of grandparent and great-grandparent visitation rights.
Senate File 2321, an act relating to the confidentiality of
certain records and reports held by the labor commissioner.
Senate File 2325, an act amending the Uniform Securities Act, by
regulating persons involved in managing investments, providing
for the administration of the securities bureau, providing fees,
and providing for penalties and effective dates.
Senate File 2400, an act relating to the powers and duties of
county treasurers, removal or sale of a mobile home or
manufactured home, and including a retroactive applicability
date provision.
Senate File 2407, a bill for an act relating to the extension of
the reduced excise tax imposed on motor fuel containing ethanol.
The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present
in the House chamber:
Twenty-eight grade school students from New Market, accompanied
by Susan Brown and Lisa Kernen.  By Boggess of Taylor.

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