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House Journal: Page 1662: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

To the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of
We, the undersigned members of the conference committee
appointed to resolve the differences between the Senate and
House of Representatives on Senate File 2295, a bill for an Act
relating to and making appropriations for agriculture and
natural resources and providing an effective date, respectfully
make the following report:
1.  That the House recedes from its amendment, S-5365.
2.  That Senate File 2295, as amended, passed, and reprinted by
the Senate, is amended as follows:
1.  Page 11, line 12, by striking the figure "1,600,000" and
inserting the following:  "1,630,000".
2.  Page 11, by inserting after line 17 the following:
"___.  Of the amount appropriated in this section, not more than
$30,000 shall be used by the department to carry out the
provisions of 1998 Iowa Acts, Senate File 429, if enacted by the
Seventy-seventh General Assembly, 1998 Session.  However, if
Senate File 429 is not enacted, the amount appropriated under
this section for the administration and enforcement of
navigation laws and water safety shall be reduced by $30,000."
3.  By striking page 15, line 20, through page 16, line 2.
4.  Page 16, by inserting after line 18, the following:
"Sec. ___.  REDUCTION OF APPROPRIATIONS.  This section shall
apply to each appointed nonelected position which is supported
by moneys appropriated in sections 1 and 3 of this Act.  If the
amount of moneys to be used for a salary during the fiscal year
beginning July 1, 1998, and ending June 30, 1999, is more than
the amount actually required to pay that salary for the fiscal
year, the amount of the relevant appropriation shall be reduced
by the amount equal to the difference.  The amount appropriated
in section 1, subsection 4, of this Act, to support financial
incentives for soil conservation practices under chapter 161A
shall be increased by the amount of the difference.  However,
the amount of the difference shall be allocated in the same
manner as other moneys which are reallocated to soil and water
conservation districts after the moneys are returned by a
district to the soil conservation division."
5.  Page 16, by inserting after line 18, the following:
"Sec. ___.  COOPERATION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS.  It is the intent
of the general assembly that the division of soil conservation
of the department of agriculture and land stewardship may
provide technical assistance to the department of natural
resources regarding the design and engineering of unformed
manure storage structures pursuant to chapter 455B. As used in
this section an unformed manure storage structure means the same
as defined in section 455B.161, as amended by 1998 Iowa Acts,
House File 2494." 

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