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House Journal: Page 1650: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

 7   before January 8, 1999, and shall include its findings
 8   and any recommended proposal or proposals."
 9     26.  Page 86, by inserting after line 24 the
10   following:
11     "Sec. ___.  Section 411.15, Code 1997, is amended
12   to read as follows:
14     Cities shall provide hospital, nursing, and medical
15   attention for the members of the police and fire
16   departments of the cities, when injured while in the
17   performance of their duties as members of such
18   department, and shall continue to provide hospital,
19   nursing, and medical attention for injuries or
20   diseases incurred while in the performance of their
21   duties for members receiving a retirement allowance
22   under section 411.6, subsection 6, and the.  Cities
23   may provide the hospital, nursing, and medical
24   attention required by this section through the
25   purchase of insurance, by self-insuring the
26   obligation, or through payment of moneys into a local
27   government risk pool established for the purpose of
28   covering the costs associated with the requirements of
29   this section.  The cost of providing the hospital,
30   nursing, and medical attention required by this
31   section shall be paid from moneys held in a trust
32   agency fund established pursuant to section 384.6, or
33   out of the appropriation for the department to which
34   the injured person belongs or belonged; provided that
35   any amounts received by the injured person under the
36   workers' compensation law of the state, or from any
37   other source for such specific purposes, shall be
38   deducted from the amount paid by the city under the
39   provisions of this section."
40     27.  Page 87, line 34, by striking the words "city
41   administrator,".
42     28.  By renumbering, relettering, or redesignating
43   and correcting internal references as necessary.
The motion prevailed and the House concurred in the Senate
amendment H-9180.
Martin of Scott moved that the bill, as amended by the Senate
and concurred in by the House, be read a last time now and
placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill was
read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (H.F. 2496)

The ayes were, 97:

Arnold 	Barry 	Bell 	Bernau 
Blodgett	Boddicker 	Boggess 	Bradley 
Brand 	Brauns 	Brunkhorst 	Bukta 

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