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House Journal: Page 1649: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

 7   a member who becomes disabled prior to July 1, 1999,
 8   if the member has not terminated special service
 9   employment as of June 30, 1999.
10     b.  To qualify for benefits under this section, a
11   member must file a completed application with the
12   department within one year of the member's termination
13   of employment.  A member eligible for a disability
14   retirement allowance under this section is entitled to
15   receipt of retroactive adjustment payments for no more
16   than six months immediately preceding the month in
17   which the completed application for receipt of a
18   disability retirement allowance under this section is
19   approved."
20     21.  Page 78, by striking lines 5 through 14 and
21   inserting the following:  "chapter 97B based upon any
22   of the following:
23     (a)  Meeting the requirements for receiving
24   retirement benefits pursuant to chapter 97B based upon
25   having attained at least sixty-two years of age and
26   upon having completed at least thirty years of
27   membership service.
28     (b)  Meeting the requirements for receiving
29   benefits under section 97B.49, subsection 16, without
30   a reduction for years of service pursuant to section
31   97B.49, subsection 16, paragraph".
32     22.  Page 80, line 4, by striking the figure
33   "1993" and inserting the following:  "1991 or 1993, as
34   applicable".
35     23.  Page 80, line 19, by striking the word and
36   figures "November 1, 1993" and inserting the
37   following:  "January 1, 1992".
38     24.  Page 80, line 22, by striking the word and
39   figure "Code 1993" and inserting the following:  "Code
40   1991 or 1993, as applicable".
41     25.  Page 81, by inserting after line 19 the
42   following:
44   ADVISORY BOARD.  The public employees' retirement
45   system division shall study the possible establishment
46   of a benefits advisory board and shall make
47   recommendations concerning the establishment of a
48   benefits advisory board.  The study shall consider the
49   duties to be assigned to a potential benefits advisory
50   board, the membership of the board and the manner of

Page 5

 1   selecting members to the board, and the authority of
 2   the board concerning any recommendations it may be
 3   empowered to make concerning benefits to be provided
 4   to members of the Iowa public employees' retirement
 5   system.  The division shall submit a report concerning
 6   the results of its study to the general assembly on or

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