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House Journal: Page 1285: Monday, April 6, 1998

Page 2  

 1   course of instruction provided under this section.
 3   completion of a course under this section, the
 4   teaching parent shall document or provide evidence
 5   showing substantial statutory compliance with the
 6   requirements of subsection 3 and certify by affidavit
 7   to the department of education that the course has
 8   been completed.  Documentation shall include the
 9   following:
10     a.  An affidavit attesting to satisfactory
11   completion of course work and street or highway
12   driving instruction.
13     b.  A listing of subjects presented in classroom
14   training.
15     c.  Copies of written tests completed by the
16   student.
17     d.  A statement of the number of classroom hours of
18   instruction.
19     e.  A log of street or highway driving instruction
20   including the dates when the lessons were conducted,
21   the student's and the parent's name and initials noted
22   next to each entry, notes on driving activities,
23   including a list of driving deficiencies and
24   improvements, and the duration of the driving time for
25   each session.  If the department of education is
26   satisfied that the course has been completed in
27   accordance with this section, the department shall
28   certify it as an approved driver's education course.
29     5.  INTERMEDIATE LICENSE.  Any student who
30   successfully completes an approved driver education
31   course as provided in this section and who passes a
32   driving field test to be administered by the
33   department and is otherwise qualified under section
34   321.180B, subsection 2, shall be eligible for an
35   intermediate license pursuant to section 321.180B.
36   Such a student is not required to file an affidavit
37   with the department regarding completion of street or
38   highway driving with a parent or guardian under
39   section 321.180B, subsection 2, and the hours of
40   driving required under subsection 3 shall substitute
41   for any hours of driving required under section
42   321.180B, subsection 2.
43     6.  FULL LICENSE.  A student must comply with
44   section 321.180B, subsection 4, to be eligible for a
45   full driver's license pursuant to section 321.180B.""
46     2.  Page 1, by striking lines 8 and 9.
47    3.  By renumbering as necessary.
Heaton of Henry rose on a point of order that amendment H-8910,
to the Senate amendment H-8832, was not germane.

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