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House Journal: Page 1221: Thursday, April 2, 1998

The Chief Clerk of the House submitted the following report:
Mr. Speaker: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that the following bills  and resolution have been examined and
found correctly enrolled, signed by the Speaker of the House and
the President of the Senate, and presented to the Governor for
his approval on this 2nd day of April, 1998: House Joint
Resolution 2003 and House Files 2392, 2402, 2443, 2465 and 2478.
Chief Clerk of the House
Report adopted.
A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on April 2, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House File 530, an act concerning assistive devices by requiring
a warranty, and providing for replacement of assistive devices
and consumer remedies.
House File 2292, an act relating to permits for aquifer storage
and recovery and making penalties applicable.
House File 2429, an act relating to the regulation of physical
exercise clubs.
House File 2435, an act relating to the entrepreneurs with
disabilities program.
House File 2438, an act relating to the regulation of commercial
House File 2456, an act changing the designation of the
judiciary in the Code from the judicial department to the
judicial branch.
House File 2492, an act relating to drainage districts, by
extending the period for financing repairs and improvements.
House File 2502, an act relating to the statewide notification
center and providing for alternative staff and the information
requirements associated with the notice of an excavation.
House File 2516, an act providing for mandatory licensure for
marital and family therapists and mental health counselors,
establishing transition provisions, removing frequency
requirements regarding board of behavioral science examiners'
meetings, and providing an effective date.
Senate File 2324, an act relating to the allocation of
cost-share moneys as financial incentives to encourage summer
construction of permanent soil and water conservation practices.
Senate File 2341, an act relating to hepatitis type B
immunizations of children and providing an applicability
provision and an effective date.

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