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House Journal: Page 1009: Monday, March 30, 1998

20   setting, and reporting requirements.
21     b.  A set of core academic indicators in
22   mathematics and reading in grades four, eight, and
23   eleven, a set of core academic indicators in science
24   in grades eight and eleven, and another set of core
25   indicators that includes, but is not limited to,
26   graduation rate, postsecondary education, and
27   successful employment in Iowa.  Annually, the
28   department shall report state data for each indicator
29   in the condition of education report.
30     c.  A requirement that all school districts and
31   accredited nonpublic schools annually report to the
32   department and the local community the district-wide
33   progress made in attaining student achievement goals
34   on the academic and other core indicators and the
35   district-wide progress made in attaining locally
36   established student learning goals.  The school
37   districts and accredited nonpublic schools shall
38   demonstrate the use of multiple assessment measures in
39   determining student achievement levels.  The school
40   districts and accredited nonpublic schools may report
41   on other locally determined factors influencing
42   student achievement.  The school districts and
43   accredited nonpublic schools shall also report to the
44   local community their results by individual attendance
45   center."
Rants of Woodbury asked and received unanimous consent to
withdraw amendment H-8645, to the Senate amendment H-8625, filed
by him on March 24, 1998.
On motion by Rants of Woodbury, the House concurred in the
Senate amendment H-8625.
Rants of Woodbury moved that the bill as amended by the Senate
and concurred in by the House, be read a last time now and
placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill was
read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (H.F. 2272)

The ayes were, 92:

Arnold 	Barry 	Bell 	Bernau 
Blodgett	Boddicker 	Boggess 	Bradley 
Brand 	Brauns 	Brunkhorst	Bukta 
Burnett 	Carroll 	Cataldo 	Chapman 
Chiodo	Cohoon 	Connors 	Corbett, Spkr.
Cormack 	Dix 	Doderer 	Dolecheck 
Dotzler 	Drake 	Drees 	Eddie 
Falck 	Fallon 	Foege 	Ford
Frevert 	Garman 	Gipp 	Greig 
Greiner 	Gries 	Grundberg 	Hahn 

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