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House Journal: Page 1574: Thursday, April 24, 1997

24   The information, rounded to the nearest one-tenth of
25   one percent and the nearest whole dollar, shall be
26   included in the following statement:
27     "Tuition pays for approximately ____% of the
28   average cost for a resident Iowa student at an
29   accredited private institution located in this state.
30   The state of Iowa pays approximately $____ of the
31   average cost for a full-time state resident student at
32   an accredited private institution located in this
33   state."""
34     2.  Page 8, by striking line 14 and inserting the
35   following:  "enactment.
36     Sec. ___.  Section 204 of this Act, amending
37   section 261.9, being deemed of immediate importance,
38   takes effect upon enactment and applies to statements
39   of account issued after January 1, 1998.""
40     3.  By renumbering, relettering, and redesignating
41   as necessary.
Amendment H-1932 lost.
Wise of Lee offered  amendment H-1910, to the committee
amendment H-1866K, filed by Wise, et al., as follows:


 1     Amend the amendment, H-1866, to Senate File 549, as
 2   amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate, as
 3   follows:
 4     1.  Page 7, line 20, by striking the word
 5   "learning.""" and inserting the following:  "learning.
 6     Sec. ___.  Section 279.51, subsection 1, unnumbered
 7   paragraph 1, Code 1997, is amended to read as follows:
 8     There is appropriated from the general fund of the
 9   state to the department of education for the fiscal
10   year beginning July 1, 1996 1997, and each
11   fiscal year, the sum of fourteen seventeen million
12   five hundred twenty thousand dollars.
13     Sec. ___.  Section 279.51, subsection 1, Code 1997,
14   is amended by adding the following new paragraph:
15     NEW PARAGRAPH.  g.  For the fiscal year beginning
16   July 1, 1997, and for each fiscal year thereafter, two
17   million five hundred thousand dollars of the funds
18   appropriated shall be allocated for the alternative
19   education program established in subsection 4A.
20     Sec. ___.  Section 279.51, Code 1997, is amended by
21   adding the following new subsection:
22     NEW SUBSECTION.  4A.  a.  An alternative education
23   program is established to provide four-year
24   competitive demonstration grants to school districts
25   that demonstrate the greatest need for, and ability to
26   provide for, the establishment of innovative
27   alternative education programs for habitually

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