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House Journal: Page 724: Thursday, March 20, 1997

 2     1.  Page 18, by inserting after line 19 the
 3   following:
 5   The legislative council is requested to establish an
 6   interim committee to conduct a comprehensive study of
 7   programs administered by the department of economic
 8   development and make recommendations for future
 9   actions to be taken to improve the competitive
10   economic position of the state.  The study shall
11   include all of the following:
12     1.  Develop a list of procedures for use by the
13   department of economic development for the evaluation
14   of existing and future economic development programs
15   and prepare recommended guidelines for the
16   administration and monitoring of each economic
17   development program by the department.
18     2.  Identify the best means for ensuring the growth
19   and stability of the state.  This identification shall
20   include an analysis of the state taxation structure as
21   applied to businesses operating in the state.
22     3.  Conduct a program analysis of each of the
23   business assistance programs in the state including
24   loans, grants, tax incentives, training, technology
25   assistance, and all other state and local business
26   assistance programs.
27     4.  Compare the economic health of the state and
28   its economic development programs with the economic
29   health and economic development programs of all
30   neighboring states.
31     5.  Prepare recommendations for actions needed to
32   strengthen the competitive economic position of this
33   state among other states.
34     The interim committee shall be composed of members
35   of both political parties and both houses of the
36   general assembly who are members of the senate
37   standing committee on small business, economic
38   development and tourism and the house of
39   representatives standing committee on economic
40   development and members who represent the department
41   of economic development, the Iowa federation of labor,
42   economic development interest groups, and other
43   organizations and associations interested in economic
44   development.
45     The committee shall be staffed by the legislative
46   service bureau and the legislative fiscal bureau.  The
47   committee shall begin its deliberations following the
48   adjournment of the 1997 Session of the general
49   assembly and shall issue its report of recommendations
50   by January 1, 1998."

Page 2  

 1     2.  By renumbering as necessary.
Amendment H-1241 lost.

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