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House Journal: Page 718: Thursday, March 20, 1997

28   neighborhood organization, a pilot project shall
29   develop a formal neighborhood organization, determine
30   neighborhood needs and priorities, identify community
31   resources available to the neighborhood, develop
32   leadership, recommend changes, develop an action plan,
33   and develop a budget.
34     b.  In a newly organized neighborhood organization,
35   a pilot project shall assess the effectiveness of the
36   organization, identify or review priorities and new
37   issues, assess plans and progress, recommend changes,
38   develop an action plan, develop a budget, and develop
39   a fund-raising plan.
40     c.  In a mature and established neighborhood
41   organization, a pilot project shall assess past
42   success, assess the organizational organization,
43   assess the plans and programs, develop an action plan,
44   develop a budget and identify or seek community
45   resources, recommend public policy updates, recommend
46   changes, and develop a communication plan.
47     2.  The pilot projects shall result in the
48   development of program requirements, program
49   qualifications, and a recommended approach for a
50   neighborhood development initiative program for

Page 2  

 1   neighborhoods at any stage of development.
 2     3.  By January 1, 1998, the board of regents
 3   institutions participating in the pilot projects shall
 4   submit a joint report to the general assembly
 5   regarding the results of the pilot projects and a
 6   recommended approach for the full implementation of a
 7   neighborhood development initiative program."
 8     3.  Page 17, by striking lines 13 through 16 and
 9   inserting the following:  "any fund, notwithstanding
10   section 8.33.  Unobligated Of the unobligated funds
11   remaining on June 30, 1997, the first $50,000 shall
12   revert to the general fund of the state university
13   northern Iowa for purposes of the institute of
14   decision making and all remaining moneys shall revert
15   to the strategic investment fund created in section
16   15.313."
17     4.  By renumbering as necessary.
Churchill of Polk rose on a point of order that amendment H-1258
was not germane.
The Speaker ruled the point not well taken and amendment        
    H-1258 germane.
Shoultz of Black Hawk moved the adoption of amendment H-1258.
Amendment H-1258 lost.

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