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House Journal: Page 281: Tuesday, February 11, 1997

HR 9, by committee on ethics, a resolution to amend the rules
governing lobbyists in the House of Representatives.

Placed on the calendar.

H_1021	H.F.	31	Vande Hoef of Osceola
H_1022	H.F.	92	Committee on Education
H_1023	H.F.	200	Committee on Judiciary
H_1024	H.F.	36	Scherrman of Dubuque
H_1025	H.F.  	8	Kreiman of Davis
H_1026	H.F.  	8	Kreiman of Davis
On motion by Siegrist of Pottawattamie, the House adjourned at
9:14 a.m., until 8:45 a.m., Wednesday, February 12, 1997.

Correction to Journal of February 10, 1997
Page 269 - Subcommittee Assignments: House Files 116 and 132
were reassigned.

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