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House File 2475

Bill History prepared on JUL 01, 1998 .

Introduced by
A bill for an act relating to certain crimes against persons, by permitting the retention as criminal history data of acquittals, dismissals, or adjudications based on mental condition if the charge involved injury to another, by providing for the collection and dissemination of information on the offense of stalking, by providing for the application of enhanced stalking penalties for persons who are the subject of certain restraining or protective orders, and providing for the issuance of a no-contact order against persons accused of stalking. (Formerly H.F. 2334)


Feb. 27 98
Introduced, placed on calendar. H.J. 379.
Mar. 04 98
Amendment H. 8241 filed. H.J. 530.
Mar. 12 98
Amendment H. 8380 filed. H.J. 692.
Mar. 17 98
Fiscal note. HCS.
Mar. 17 98
Amendment H. 8452 filed. H.J. 788.
Mar. 18 98
Amendment H. 8241 withdrawn. H.J. 792.
Mar. 18 98
Amendment H. 8452 adopted. H.J. 794.
Mar. 18 98
Amendment H. 8380 as amended, adopted. H.J. 794.
Mar. 18 98
Deferred, placed on unfinished business calendar. H.J. 794.
Mar. 23 98
S.F. 2373 substituted. H.J. 838.
Mar. 23 98
Withdrawn. H.J. 841.

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