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House Journal: Page 868: Wednesday, March 20, 1996

17   processes financial assistance fund is created within
18   the state treasury under the control of the
19   department.  The fund shall consist of any money
20   appropriated by the general assembly and any other
21   moneys available to and obtained or accepted by the
22   department from the federal government or private
23   sources for placement in the fund.  Until July 1,
24   2000, moneys shall be deposited in the fund as
25   provided in section 423.24.  Not more than one percent
26   of the total moneys available to support value-added
27   agricultural products and processes pursuant to
28   section 423.24 during each quarter shall be used by
29   the department for administration of the value-added
30   agricultural products and processes financial
31   assistance program, as provided in section 15E.111.
32   The assets of the fund shall be used by the department
33   only for carrying out the purposes of section 15E.111.
34     Sec. 22.  Sections 15E.81 through 15E.94, Code
35   1995, are repealed.
36     Sec. 23.  Section 422.16A, Code Supplement 1995, is
37   repealed.
38     Sec. 24.  Notwithstanding sections 15.108, 15.224
39   through 15.230, 15.347, 15.348, and 239.22, the
40   department of employment services shall administer the
41   following programs:  job training partnership Act,
42   Iowa conservation corps, americorps, mentoring for
43   PROMISE JOBS, food stamp employment and training, and
44   the labor/management co-op programs.
45     Sec. 25.  The Iowa quality coalition shall revert
46   to the Wallace technology transfer fund by August 1,
47   1996, all funds remaining unexpended on the effective
48   date of this Act which have been appropriated to the
49   Iowa quality coalition.
50     Sec. 26.  Section 22 of this Act, being deemed of

Page  14

 1   immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.
 2     Sec. 27.  Sections 17 and 20 of this Act take
 3   effect July 1, 1998."
 4     2.  Title page, line 2, by inserting after the
 5   word "authority," the following:  "the Iowa seed
 6   capital corporation,".
 7     3.  Title page, line 4, by inserting after the
 8   word "services," the following:  "providing effective
 9   dates,".
Brunkhorst of Bremer offered the following amendment H-5473, to
the committee amendment H-5419, filed by him from the floor, and
moved its adoption:


 1     Amend the amendment, H-5419, to Senate File 2443,
 2   as amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate, as

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